9 of the Best Travel Board Games for Family Trips

“Are we there yet?”

“I’m hungry.”

“How long ‘til we get there?”

Are these familiar? If you’ve traveled with kids, we’re sure you can relate!

Travelling to new and foreign places truly is fun and exciting--especially when we’re with friends or family! But the journey can sometimes be long and tiresome. We find different ways to entertain ourselves just to make the time pass by more quickly.

But what if we told you that there is a better way to spend your travel hours than by just using your phone or sleeping?

Those hours spent on the car, plane, or boat ride can become more meaningful when we choose to engage ourselves with the people around us and bond with them!

Instead of being connected to the internet on our phones, why not connect with the very people that are around us?

Board games are a great way to pass the time while spending quality time with friends and family!

So on your next trip, why not bring a board game or two? Having said that, here’s a list of 9 travel board games you can bring along with you on your next trip:

Travel Scavenger Hunt Card Game

2 or more players (Ages 7 and up)

5 or more minutes per game

PLAY IT: Travel Scavenger Hunt Card game is really easy to play and great for the kids! The game comes with 54 cards that show different items commonly seen during a road trip.

To play this game, players take five (5) cards each and try to locate the objects along the trip. Certain “Hear it”, Feel It”, and “Smell it” cards also encourage the kids to be creative and use their senses to observe the things around them.

Travel Scavenger Hunt Card Game

LOVE IT: What’s great about the game is that it is easy to bring along because it doesn’t take much space. This game is also a great way for the kids to enjoy the scenery along the trip and pass the time while doing so.

Adults can also join in the fun, teaching kids about the different objects encountered throughout the road trip. Travel Scavenger Hunt is the perfect travel game for kids!

Uno! Card Game

2-10 players (Ages 7 and up)

5 or more minutes per game

PLAY IT: Uno! Card Game is a quick and easy game to play at home or on the road. The objective of the game is to finish all the cards in your hand; the first person to finish his cards and shouts “Uno!” before anyone else, wins the game!

With different action cards that force opponents to draw more cards or lose their turns, players can strategize which cards to play each turn in order to come out on top!

Uno Card Game

LOVE IT: Uno! Is a classic card game that should be on your list of travel board games for the family. Uno! fosters friendly competition between players as they strive to outwit each other by putting different cards into play.

Since only cards are needed for the game, it fits right in the pocket or on your backpack, and can easily be played in the car or on the plane!

Zombie Dice

2 or more players

10 to 20 minutes per game

PLAY IT: In Zombie Dice, everyone in the game is turned into a zombie; and they’re out to hunt for the brains of unknowing victims! To play Zombie Dice, players take turns rolling three (1) dice at a time. Each dice contain random pictures of:

  • Brains (you eat a victim’s brain; adds one point)
  • Footsteps (victim escaped; option to reroll dice)
  • Shotguns (lose a life; reach 3 shotguns, your end your turn with no points)

Players can keep rolling the dice as long as they do not accumulate three (3) shotguns. The first person to obtain thirteen (13) brains wins the game.

Zombie Dice

LOVE IT: Zombie Dice is simply an addictive game that leaves everything to chance. It’s easy to take anywhere since it comes with its own cup-sized container.

With its simple rules and unique gameplay, players are sure to catch on quickly, and enjoy it during those long and tiresome flights or road trips. And guess what? It also comes in its own mobile app!

One Night Ultimate Werewolf Card Game

8 or more players (Ages 8 and up)

10 minutes or more per game

PLAY IT: In this dynamic card game, players get to portray different roles. The game takes place in a unique setting.

A werewolf has claimed his victim one night, and the villagers want to know who the werewolf is among them.

The objective of the game is to find the werewolf hiding among the villagers by interrogating other players, spying on other players’ cards, and discussing amongst players. Players then eliminate each other one by one, until the truth is uncovered.

Different roles come with different tasks- leading to a new outcome each time you play!

One Night Ultimate Werewolf

LOVE IT: This game brings new thrills each time you play it! Play it with different groups of people and see who’s great at taking on different roles.

One Night Ultimate Werewolf encourages collaboration among players to critically think and work together in order to win the game.

This travel board game is great for big groups and can also be played at parties and big gatherings-perfect for family reunions and out-of-town trips! And to make it even better, it comes in its own mobile app as well!

Hive Board Game

2 players (Ages 9 and up)

5 or more minutes per game

PLAY IT: Hive is a strategy puzzle game wherein two players face each other head to head. The game includes different insect tiles that the players move around.

The objective of the game is to completely surround the queen bee of the opponent with the other insect tiles, in order to win. Each type of insect tile has a different way of moving, in relation to the other pieces, making the game all the more challenging.

The gameplay is much like chess, where players aim to force the king into a checkmate.

Hive- A Game Crawling With Possibilities

LOVE IT: Although it’s called a board game, Hive does not require a board, as the tiles are the ones that form the board itself. What’s also great about it is that the gameplay makes it easy for players of different ages to play against each other.

Strategy game enthusiasts will surely enjoy this game, with its gameplay that will surely make players think outside the hive!

Sushi Go! Card Game

2 to 5 players (Ages 8 and up)

15 minutes or more per game

PLAY IT: Sushi Go! Card Game sets a scenario wherein you are at your favorite sushi restaurant, and you have to quickly grab the best dishes before they pass you by. The game is played in three (3) rounds; and at the beginning of the game, players each receive a certain amount of cards with different sushi ingredients.

Players take turns playing hands that will garner them a number of points. The rest of the unplayed cards in their hand will then be passed to the player beside them. The player with the most points at the end of the third round wins!

Sushi Go! - The Pick and Pass Card Game

LOVE IT: Who doesn’t love sushi? From sushi rolls to tempura to dumplings and wasabi, this game has all your favorite Japanese dishes presented in beautifully made card artworks! This fast paced game will keep you guessing each round.

The simple rules make it easy to play, yet very engaging for all ages. It comes in a portable metal tin, which makes it a wonderful travel board game for the family to bring along during vacations and long trips.

Travel Guess Who

2 players (Ages 6 and up)

5 or more minutes per game

PLAY IT: Guess Who is a terrific travel game for the kids! In this game, both players are given a board with pictures of different characters’ faces and names.

Each character in the game has unique facial features, hair color, gender, etc. Both players then pick a random character of their liking, and let the other player guess which character they chose.

Players take turns asking each other about their characters with questions that are answerable only by a “yes” or a “no”. If both players guess correctly, the game goes on for another round, until someone guesses incorrectly.

Hasbro Travel Guess Who Game Fun On The Run

LOVE IT: Guess Who is an excellent travel board game for kids! In this game, kids get to pass the time while learning at the same time. Players learn to be more observant, seeing the differences and uniqueness among the different characters in the game.

Although Guess Who comes in a sizable box compared to the other games in this list, it’s worth bringing along to your trips because it’s a great way for adults and kids to bond!


1-8 players (Ages 7 and up)

5 or more minutes per game

PLAY IT: Bananagram is a challenging board game that tests the limits of your vocabulary. In Order to play, each player is given a certain number of letter tiles. They then race to use up all their letter tiles by forming different words that connect together to form a crossword.

Once a player uses up all his letter tiles, he shouts “Peel!” All players then draw an extra letter from the draw pile and add that onto their crossword. This goes on until all the letter tiles in the draw pile have been depleted, or if there aren’t enough tiles for all the players in the draw pile anymore.

The first player to finish all their tiles shouts “Bananas!” and wins the game!


LOVE IT: Unlike most other word games, this game requires no board, paper, or any letter scoring system. With its simple and versatile gameplay, this award-winning game is surely a crowd pleaser!

It’s easy to bring along, so why not bring it with you on a boat or on the plane? And oh, did I mention it comes in a portable- and adorable - banana pouch?

Never Have I Ever Card Game

4-12 players (Ages 17 and up)

30 to 90 minutes per game

PLAY IT: In Never Have I Ever, each player receives ten (10) play cards. The first player to start the game picks a rule card from the middle, and reads it out loud. All players will then follow the instructions on the rule card.

Basically, the play cards contain phrases such as “Never have I ever been in a fight with a taxi driver,” or “Never have I ever made a business call on the toilet.” Players take turns reading their cards out loud.

Those who are guilty of having done the statements on their card will then put that card in front of them. The first person to collect 10 cards wins the game!

Never Have I Ever, The Game of Poor Life Decisions [A Party Card Game]

LOVE IT: What makes this game so fun and interesting is hearing the different life experiences of each player.

Players get to open up about funny or embarrassing things they have done in the past. Because of the statements on the card, this travel board game is more suitable for adults and older teens.

On top of the regular cards, the game comes with expansions packs that contain even more hilarious and awkward experiences to share about! This travel board game for adults is a great way to bond and get to know each other.

Which game should you get?

Bring along a deck of Travel Hunt Scavenger, Uno!, or Guess Who for the kids to play and learn along the way! Or if you prefer puzzles and strategy, why not go get yourself some helpings of wasabi and tempura in Sushi Go!

Love conversations and role playing games for travel board games for family? Go get yourself a game of One Night Ultimate Werewolf or Never Have I Ever for those engaging interactions with big groups of friends or family! Don’t think for a second that board games are only for children, there are travel board games even for adults! There’s a board game for everyone!

Wherever the trip may be, bringing a travel board game for kids can turn those long, tiresome hours spent travelling into precious quality time. So why not bring a travel board game on your next trip?