Kickstater Tabletop Roundup for May – Vol 1

Once again, welcome to our special edition where we take you through some of the latest board game campaigns on Kickstarter.

Last week was a very busy week as I went through top kickstarter gaming campaigns.

Fortunately, I managed to come across a couple of tabletop games that will be ready for the market in a couple of days.

1. Unimo Monster Card Game


Players are find themselves immersed into an expanding Monster universe where have to become monsters to beat other players. Each monster is based on a world. Each world is based on a specific theme i.e. fire, rock, storm etc. The starter kit comes with the Fire, Rock and Ice worlds. In the Expansion Kit you get Undead and Storm. It is recommended to have a number of worlds equal to the number of players for an optimal experience.

The game is fast paced and highly strategic and can accommodate 2 or more players of all ages.

Lucky enough, the game’s campaigns and stretch goal are complete and it available for all gamers.

According to the developers:

“We are running out of time, the universe is expanding out of control. In your hand you hold the divine powers to create a new beginning. So be smart, make your moves, play your cards right and you will be crowned, master guardian and ruler of Unimo.

Unimo is a fast and simple Pocket Card Game. For 2 players or more, technically there are no limits to the amount of players because the whole game is based around an expanding universe, so the deck itself will also expand and grow, new worlds with new monsters will be discovered and added as new decks. So you just ad decks as more players join in.”

2. Heroes Cove


In this game you are a young adventurer who has just left home, heading out on a new adventure. Choosing you character is not a long process and can be done in two easy steps.

During the game’s setup, each player draws two race cards from the deck and chooses one. Next, players select their class in the same way.

In an average four player game you will complete a different amount of quest cards and this can be changed and adjusted allowing for longer or shorter games as required.

According to boardgamegeek:

“A quick Tabletop Roleplaying game, Heroes Cove has you choose a race and a class and then you can go on quests with others, or you can work by yourself. The standard game takes you though seven quests, but you can do more or less depending on how much time you want to play. The game comes with 40 quests so you can replay many times without repeats.

You need to go to one of the four shops to gather the needed quest items to beat the pirates, repair the bridge or other tasks needed by the townsfolk. Ultimately, whomever does the best will attract the attention of better trainers and gain more Victory Points.”

The Kickstarter is already over its funding goal, so it’s on to stretch goals for the next 13 days.

3. Archive: Historical People, Places, and Events for RPGs


As the name suggests, Archive is a sourcebook for the real world, its places, its history and important persons. You can use it to do some research for your game set in the real world or read it as a history book. 

Although it doesn’t covering everything, but it’s a collection of articles on various persons, events and places in real-world history. Inside the book, you’ll find information on the Dartmoor, the Hinterkaifeck Murders, the Jakarta slums, and Omar al-Bashir, just to name a few.

As explained on Kickstarter:

“Archive is a collection of adventure sites, NPCs, and events ripped right out of history and perfect for your campaign. It’s a 265-page book with 80 subjects. All have everything you need to make them come alive at your table: sights, smells, history, local color, and even plot hooks and ideas to help you make them yours.

Need a villain? Throw your PCs against Ching Shih, the notorious pirate queen, presented with the tactics and schemes she used to wreak havoc across coastal China! Need a random encounter during travel? Recreate the 1861 encounter of the French corvette Alecton with a dying giant squid, and the social consequences that followed. Need an adventure site? Why not Fort Jefferson, complete with real historical secrets for your PCs to uncover? Archive is designed to help you easily find the perfect plot, site, or NPC for tonight’s game!”

The kickstarter campaign is still running with still 24 days left to go.

4. Armageddon War: Armored Combat in the End War


Armageddon War depicts the chaos in the midst of this war. We feel that Armageddon War is a breath of fresh air in the war gaming world. There are no turns, just continuous activations. The intensity of a unit’ s close combat modifier is determined not only by its weapons but also by the tactics you choose to use for the assault or defense. When you fire on a unit, it has the option of taking cover, or returning fire, and Action Dice, not endless charts, determine combat’s outcome. 

As explained by boardgamegeek:

“Armageddon War is a platoon level game set in the near future. The first module focuses on the Mid-East, pitting Israelis against age-old adversaries, and a revitalized Russia against the United States. The game is a breath of fresh air in the war gaming world. There are no turns, just continuous activations. The intensity of a unit’s close combat modifier is determined by its morale, and when you fire on a unit, it has the option of taking cover, or returning fire. To hit numbers always remain the same, but the number of dice rolled, the affect of hits vary, all represented by multicolored dice and symbols.”

The campaign has already made it over its funding goal and is working on stretch goals for the next 22 days.

5. Rifts Board Game


One of the most popular RPG series which has been adapted to several different systems as well as numerous versions, Rifts is a game that many of us have played at some point. But for the first time, it is coming to the tabletop as a board game. Rogue Heroes Publishing has launched a Kickstarter for the game.

As explained by kickstarter:

“Humanity was drowned by a tide of dimensional beings (called “D-Bees”), demons and monsters pouring out of the Rifts — tears in the fabric of space and time. Magic and the supernatural laid waste to the creations of humankind, with unearthly beings seeking to take our world for their own. Around every corner hid a new terror to devour the helpless and prey upon the weak. Humanity nearly ceased to exist.”

6. Resin Rolljordan Necro & Volmarian Dwarf Fantasy Football


It’s amazing how different a figure can cost when made out of different materials. I know that’s pretty common knowledge, but it still often blows my mind. Case in point: Impact! Miniatures and Royal Art Games have a Kickstarter running now in order to make a couple of Rolljordan fantasy football teams out of resin, as opposed to the metal that they’re currently made in. Doing so will basically cut the price in half for said teams. Go check them out now.

According to the design on kickstarter:

“This KickStarter is a joint venture between Royal Art Games and Impact! Miniatures to bring two incredible looking metal Fantasy Football teams from Rolljordan into affordable resin for about half the price of the metal teams to give more gamers the opportunity to own these great models. The resin versions of these models will be molded from the re-touched masters that Rolljordan produced to make this a better more pitch-worthy team than when it was first released. The miniatures will be offered in Standard team which have everything you need to have a full team and Deluxe versions that will give you sideline characters (like cheerleaders) and star players.

The KickStarter is bringing the Necro Undead and Volmarian Dwarf teams into resin.   The KickStarter is also offering the teams from the last joint venture KickStarter at great prices.”

7. Heroes of Land, Air & Sea Board Game


Earlier this year, reports emerged claiming that Heroes of Land, Air & Sea had canceled its first successful campaign on kickstarter. But after fixing a few issues, this project from Tiny Epic Kingdoms designer Scott Almes inspired by PC strategy game Warcraft that featured a huge game board and 3D buildings and vehicles is now back and ready to make a big inclusion in table top gaming.

The revised Kickstarter features just two reward tiers: the base game and a bundle including the expansion, which itself has been combined from two planned add-ons into a single box.

According to boardgamegeek  :

“Heroes of Land, Air & Sea is a 4X-style board game with miniatures that tells the epic tale of orcs vs. humans, dwarves vs. elves, battling kingdoms, and the individuals who turn the tides of war.

Players control one of these classic factions, competing to expand their kingdom into new territory. Even the greatest kingdoms begin as small townships, therefore players begin with only a basic town hall, a couple of peons, and a single warrior. From there, players must explore the territory around them, build up their work force, fortify their army, and develop their kingdom — all through careful action selection, exploitation, war, and resource management.”

The Kickstarter campaign is already over its funding goal and working on stretch goals. It’s set to run for another 25 days.


For many years now, crowd-funding has proven to be one of the chief pillar in developing the gaming industry.

And as Kickstarter continues to remain one of the top crowd-funding platforms for indie devs and small studios, we in the gaming industry do appreciate how they offer solutions to all our woes.

Remember to visit us often, as I’ll be giving you more round-ups on the latest games by different studios, and possibly on other crowd-funding platforms.

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