5 Exceptional Kid’s Tabletop Role Playing Games That are Really Fun to Play

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I’ve been playing role-playing games with friends and family for more than a decade now, and I bet these games are a better way to nurture and build relationships, justify happiness, and a perfect solution for those looking to spend some quality time from watching movies. These games indeed take us to a fantastic world making them an important way to engage children in any family fun moments too.

Recently, one of my colleagues asked me to write about tabletop roleplaying games for kids because it’s something that the modern gaming industry seems not to care about and many blogs haven’t given it a thought in recent days. So on my way back home from work, I decided to visit Rachel, an old friend who is a Kindergarten teacher.

We talked for a couple of hours as she took me through some of the best tabletop RPGs they engage kids in during their stay at school. She also shared with me how many parents struggle to find the right games and generally the timing of when and how to introduce role playing games to their kids.

So, I’ve managed to compile a list of some of the best tabletop role playing games that you can use to introduce your kids into the fantastic world of role playing games.

Hero Kids   

Source: http://herokidsrpg.blogspot.co.ke/p/hero-kids-overview.html

This game is a perfect introduction to tabletop pen and paper role playing. Players assume the role of young characters who give a real show that heroism isn’t linked to size and age. They are descendants of some of the land’s top heroes, and have inherited their parent’s impressive talents and adventurous spirits.

“Hero Kids is a ENnie award-winning fantasy RPG for kids aged from 4 to 10.   This game offers a fast and fun introduction to RPGs, perfect for younger kids who are just getting interested in role-playing games.”  

And like any other role playing games, Hero Kids has got several supplements available such as: new characters, extra adventures, wealth and even pets.

“Hero Kids has a simple combat and adventuring system which avoids the complex maths of full-blown systems.   Hero Kids’ opposed dice pool system also keeps the players involved in the game even when it’s not their turn.”

The game has undergone a series of developments over the years to make it simple, addictive and relevant to the modern society.

Golden Sky Stories

Source: http://starlinepublishing.com/our-games/golden-sky-stories/


If you don’t want your kids to be exposed to combat games, then Golden Sky Sports is the way to go. GSS is a big exception as it distances itself from fighting and violence.

In this game, you play as a charming magical animal known as the henge in the pastoral Japanese town to help the village’s inhabitants solve small problems.

“Originally released in Japan as Yuuyake Koyake, Golden Sky Stories is a heartwarming, non-violent role-playing game that’s great fun for all ages. It takes place in a small town in rural Japan, and players take on the role of henge (pronounced hen-gay, like a chicken that’s happy), animals with just a little magical power, including the ability to temporarily take human form. They do not fight great battles or unearth valuable treasures though; Golden Sky Stories adventures are all about helping others and becoming friends.”

Little Wizards  

Source: http://www.crafty-games.com/buy-now/little-wizards/

If you’re really conversant with tabletop games, you’ll acknowledge that Antonie Bauza is a familiar name in the industry, thanks to his charming games such as Takenoko, Hanabi and 7 Wonder.

Recently, I came to understand that he also had a charming role playing gaming for kids, Little Wizard, which is popular in most schools for its fascinating and magical setting.

The game develops in an imaginative land of Coinworld filled with opportunities for adventures. The world has two sides – heads and tails, and players play as Lil’ Mage (one who learns magic) or Lil’ Sorcerer (someone born with magic).

“The kids in our lives all dream of visiting other worlds, of being heroes in their own special Tales. Here’s their chance! Little Wizards is a storytelling RPG for inventive and inquisitive kids ages 6 to 10, developed to introduce them to the magic of creating their own characters and stepping into a whole new world.”

The entire game fits kids because of its unique magic concept and surprising characters.

Mouse Guard  

Source: http://www.mouseguard.net/book/role-playing-game/


This well-designed RPG features forest rodents and delivers a deep and rewarding experience focused on the award-winning Burning Wheel RPG. It is definitely an ideal fit for kids, families or any other groups in quest of a rich and incredible role-playing experience that is always available for new players.

“Based on the award-winning Mouse Guard comic book and graphic novel series by David Petersen, this pen-and-paper traditional RPG designed by Luke Crane contains everything players need to know about the world of the Guard including rules for forming patrols and heading up missions into the Territories. Features artwork and extensive background material from series creator David Petersen.”

Robot Turtles  

Source: http://www.robotturtles.com/

If you’re in search of something educational and more complex for preschoolers, I think I should recommend Robot Turtles.

This game is definitely aimed at inspiring early programming skills in children, and parents are meant to play as the computers while kids take up the role of programmers. Simply set up a path to a goal and series of obstacles that the kid has to overcome to achieve the goal.

Rachel tells me this is one of her best games and parents should use it to create good bonds with their kids. The game is generally entertaining and adults enjoy it too.

It had a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2014 and has continued to win hearts as one of the best tabletop RPGs for kids.


I am a huge fans of playing tabletop role playing games. I simply love the way the games ignite resourcefulness and tell great stories. And I do understand that showing my love for games that rewards the use of math skills, creativity and imagination is the best thing I can do to support the industry?

Generally, playing RPGs games is an exceptional way to fetch children out of their shell, and offer them the power and courage to tell their stories as it come into being, instead of always observing if from the outside world through movies and books. Besides, it’s an amazing way to nurture and build a strong bond that brings adults and kids together.

So, if you’re a parent or guardian, it’s your top responsibility to understand the games and their benefits. Do enough research on the games to know the right time to introduce them to your kids, and simply how you can help them understand every detail about the games.

Follow every instruction from the developers and keep your spirit alive as I continue to keep you updated on the latest happening in the gaming industry.

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