Top VR Game Developers to Watch in 2017 and Beyond.

Thanks to the major technological advancements surrounding the gaming industry, the idea of Virtual Reality and simulated 3D Worlds has transformed from an outlandish concept to an independent project geared towards improving video gaming experiences.

Although at some point we all had questions about how VR will affect us as we move into the next innovation in gaming, it has become pretty common knowledge that the VR-Video game relationship is already coming with a variety of benefits from improved reflexes, faster and more accurate decision making skills, and better hand-eye coordination.

But how has the gaming industry been keeping up with the VR influence? Well, we’ve already seen affordable headsets become commercially available from companies like Facebook, Google and Sony. We’ve also seen how Indie developers and top companies have put in place several strategies and events that would turn 2017 into the year when VR and AR will be broadly embraced by the mass market.

So, to give you a clear view on how the gaming industry is continuing to keep up with the VR influence, I saw it fit to take you through my round up of the top Virtual Reality Game Developer to Watch.

1. Epic Games


Epic Games is among top companies known for developing some of the bestselling video games. They’ve got several developers working on various projects from video games to Hollywood entertainment.

With VR taking the gaming industry by storm, you would expect top companies like Epic Games to be on the forefront embracing it with new innovations. Well, they are offing a double dose infusion into the VR network, as they continue to come up with several types of games with its popular Unreal Engine Technology and other inventions.

Besides, you should understand that they supply the game industry, Hollywood and other enterprise companies with their Unreal Engine 4 Technology

Epic Game has been in the business for more than 25 years, and are known for The Martian VR Experience and the popular Oculus Rift exclusive pack-in first person shooter, Robo Recall.

“Founded in 1991, Epic Games is the creator of the Unreal, Gears of War and Infinity Blade series of games. Today Epic is building Paragon, Fortnite, SPYJiNX and the new Unreal Tournament. Epic’s Unreal Engine technology brings high-fidelity, interactive experiences to PC, console, mobile, VR and the Web. Unreal Engine is freely available at”

2. Ubisoft


Speaking of large publishers that have chosen to invest heavily in virtual reality gaming, Ubisoft can never go recognized.

One unique thing about their approach is how they have chosen to focus on cross-platform titles, which helps hardware makers across the entire VR and gaming ecosystems.

According to them, one of their key objectives is to develop social VR titles that allow players explore virtual reality worlds together.

“Soar like an eagle, bring game night to life, and boldly go where no one has gone before – all in Virtual Reality! Explore the trills of intense gameplay and immerse yourself in new worlds and environments as you play solo or co-op with friends across the world. Take a deeper look at Ubisoft’s current Virtual Reality portfolio of games.”

They have already released Eagle Flight, Star Trek: Bridge Crew, Werewolves Within, and Trackmania Turbo, which feature support for multiplayer between PlayStation VR, Rift and Vive.

3. Owlchemy Labs


They recently made headlines after receiving $5 million to continuing developing VR games after their cross-platform hit Job Simulator.

Job Simulator was one of the biggest surprises in virtual reality in the past year as it generated more than $3 million in revenue as a launch title on the HTC Vive.

In a statement, Owlchemy Labs CEO Alex Schwartz said, “VR has been a deep passion of ours for many years and being at the forefront of designing new virtual worlds is truly a dream for our whole team. We’ve solved some of the toughest design and development challenges in this new medium, and with this investment we’ll apply these lessons to a portfolio of full games.”

According to them:

“For years, Owlchemy Labs has been at the forefront of the VR movement, creating original content for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, and Google Cardboard, as well as speaking on VR topics around the world.

We believe that sharing the magic of VR to those not currently playing is one of the greatest challenges we face today. We developed a new technology to allow for depth-sorted player footage to be shown in-engine in realtime.”

4. Tammeka Games


Radial-G is the first VR title to be produced by Tammeka Games, and many gamers were indeed blown away by it.

Since they released Radical-G, they’ve proved to be a team with years of experience across multi-award winning titles along with serious and simulation games.

According to them, they opted to create a sci-fi racer optimized for Oculus Rift.

“We’re an independent VR games developer, currently working on bringing you Radial-G : Racing Revolved, and its mobile alter-ego, Radial-G:Infinity X.

Our games are built from the ground-up for VR, for all PC, console and mobile platforms, as well as standard displays.”

5. Cloudhead Games


Back in 2012, working on a game built for virtual reality was viewed as a risk given the many negative feedbacks facing the VR industry, but Clouhead Games stood firm to ensure it invested in a future they were never sure about.

Fast forward a couple of years, we’re here celebrating them as one of the top VR game developers in the industry today.

According to them, their team started the journey without essential hardware needed to execute their vision, but through faith and determination in the technology they have managed to come up with working solution for virtual reality in the gaming industry.

“Cloudhead Games is an award-winning studio, innovating in virtual reality since 2012. From interactive storytelling to comfort in motion, we strive to define the medium and set the standard for the future of VR.”


The gaming industry has already had many discussions about how Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality may be one of the biggest investment in history.

Sure, there are games that have already put the technologies on the map, but as things stand, we still have a long way to go for the technologies to mark their place in the gaming industry.

According to experts, virtual reality gaming will be the path to lead the entire world towards appreciating virtual reality, despite the technology being available in other sectors.

Game developers and VR system developers are investing millions of dollar in VR games, hoping the industry is set on a good course to adopt their plans. Besides, there are more game developers learning the nuts and bolts of VR development, meaning there’s an influx of games hitting the arena and VR is here to stay.

So, all we just need to do is to appreciate everything that comes with it as the industry grows to discover more ways to improve our experiences.

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