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Then you’re in luck! We’ve got a great list for you.

Role-Playing Games (RPGs) have come a long way since they were first commercially introduced back in the 1970’s. Although Dungeons and Dragons, more affectionately called DND by its loyal fans, still has a place in many RPG player’s hearts, the age of technology has changed the way RPGs are played today.

Gone were the days when players would have to come together personally and just have their imaginations to enter the magical realms these games have in store. Today, with the age of changing, advancing, and evolving technological wonders RPGs can now reach your home through the power of the internet.

RPG games available for download are just what the name suggests. These games mix in the usual fantasy world of RPGs which allow players to assume the role of every kind of being the game has to offer.

These games add a level of intrigue because it gives life to the characters every RPG has imagined in their heads. With customizable characters, several levels of adventure, and so much more is brought to life right before your eyes using the internet and your computers or game consuls.

Tabletop RPGs are still fun and entertaining to play especially if you want to spend time with your friends, but with free online RPG games download options available you can virtually hang out with your friends anytime.

The added perk of these online RPGs is that you get to know people from all around the world because you are connected through the same interest. It’s time to level up with your RPG gaming and give your imagination a rest.

Download these awesome and FREE RPG games online and expand your love for RPGs into the online gaming world with no cost at all!


Genre of the Game: Fantasy MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena)

In the world of RPG games download options for PCs which are free Smite is one of those that comes highly recommended. The game play is comparable to that of DOTA and League of Legends when it comes to graphics and the mythological themes used.

free online rpg

In Smite, the player plays from a third person perspective following the god of their choice under a MOBA game style. Gamers can band together in groups and compete against each other in teams of 3 to 5 members.

Smite can be played on using Windows, Xbox One, and PS4 as long as the consul can accommodate the 35.7 MB needed to download the game. Smite is available for free download on the web brought to you by its creator Hi-Rez Studios. Those who have tried the RPG have claimed that is it amazing and naturally addictive as they are immersed in the online world as they play.

Some players have continued playing the RPG years after they have started but has warned new gamers against the toxic community that can sometimes interfere with the true essence of the game. As far as free RPG games go, Smite is still one that is best played with a cool head and sense of adventure.

Perfect for: Anyone tired of the usual MOBAs out there


Genre of the Game: Fantasy MMORPG (Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game)

Enter the medieval fantasy world of Gielinor just like the hundreds of thousands before you in the online RPG RuneScape.

Published by Jagex Game Studios in 2001, the game has been one of the longest running online RPGs to date with new players joining in the quest every day. The game has come a long way being reincarnated thrice since it was first released. The version today is available for free download at a 22.7 MB size.

best free online rpg games

A small space required to have a free game on your PC which lets you run wild in different kingdoms, regions, and cities. There are numerous challenging quests for players to accomplish while playing RuneScape.

Inside the fantasy realm you can discover monsters and acquire resources while travelling across Gielinor on foot, charter ships, or even magical spells. Players who have grown up playing RuneScape have high praises for the free RPG game download.

The game has kept up with the advancement of graphics and the expansion of quests throughout the years. If you’re planning to get into online RPGs without spending the extra bucks on a game, RuneScape is worth trying out!

Perfect for: Those who like it old school

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Genre of the Game: Sci-fi MMORPG

The Star Wars: The Old Republic is an online RPG game developed by BioWare which was first released in 2011. This online RPG is available for purchase, but has a free play option that many have fallen in love with.

free online games rpg

In the game, the story takes place in the popular fictional world of the well-loved sci-fi franchise Star Wars. Although the game is centered around the same universe the setting and events occur more than 3,600 years before the films.

Players of Star Wars: The Old Republic can choose from the two sides – the Galactic Empire or the Sith Empire. What makes this RPG unique is that even if players choose one side they can still have their own unique balance between the light and the dark side for their characters. The game’s free play option is available for download with a 37.9 MB size and has been met with mixed reviews by critics and users.

Don’t just settle for what other folks are saying about SWTOR, download online RPG games for yourself to see if you belong on the light or dark side of the Star Wars universe. The fate of the galaxy may be in your hands, see if you have what it takes to be a Jedi or a Sith Lord.

Perfect for: Anyone who wants to wield the Force for free

Aion Ascension

Genre of the Game: Fantasy MMORPG

Wings! Every character in the fantasy world of Aion Ascension dons a pair of magical and beautiful wings which attracts fantasy lovers all over the world. The high-quality 3D graphics and the combination of the ability to free fly in some areas of the fantasy world is one of the biggest draws of Aion Ascension.

best free online rpg

Players also have the choice between taking a side in one of the two factions: the Asmodians or the Elyos. Even though players are divided into two, they both share the common goal of saving their people from the ancient evil that plagues the world of Aion Ascension.

The game comes with over 2000 different story-driven quests with mid-level zones and superior content but does not require any purchase or subscription requirements. This is one of the download RPG games where both casual and serious fans can enjoy together.

The downside to Aion Ascension having many casual players is the lack of population to talk to while playing the game. Many users of the game have mentioned that interaction should be amped up to increase the number of players while they are online.

The free to play RPG by NCSoft is available for free download to those who are interested.

Perfect for: Anyone who doesn’t want to pay to get a cool set of wings in-game

Path of Exile

Genre of the Game: Fantasy Action-Role Playing

The online action RPG Path of Exile was brought to life back in 2013 by New Zealand based developer Grinding Gear Games. The free to play is one of the RPG online games download that is comparable to the popular RPG Diablo series.

free online rpg game

Each player must start off in the game completely alone and isolated as part of his or her challenge. When entering the worth of Path of Exile the player first wakes up on a remote continent called Wraeclast which is also a criminal colony.

There they must fight through the harsh environment and fight with the continent’s wild and dangerous inhabitants before they can join the other outcasts or players. Path of Exile has a huge world open for exploration and there is no shortage of members to interact with in the game.

The action packed world of Path of Exile may be fun to play, but it can be overwhelming to new users because of its expanse.

For those who love online RPG games where they can leave the world behind to go on wild and dangerous quests, this game is worth the free download and little hard drive space.

Perfect for: Players who don’t want to pay for Diablo


Genre of the Game: Fantasy MMORPG

When starting out in a combat fantasy game like the popular online RPG World of WarCraft players must abide certain combat rules. In typical games like WOW you need to earn experience points to be able to engage in combat with players who have the same or similar statistics as your character in order to win.

top free online rpg games

That is not the case with TERA at all. In this online MMO even if you are at a starting level, but you have great combat skills at hand you are already able to fight with those who are level higher than you are. The combat and fighting with this RPG game’s download version is fast-paced and exciting which new and older players simply just love and enjoy.

Apart from the customizable fighting skills TERA also great graphics and a storyline that makes the game more interesting compared to other MMO games that only have a generic story.

Conquer the world and rise up its political ranks when you sign up and start playing!

Perfect for: Players who never want to be noobs again


Genre of the Game: Fantasy MMORPG

The RPG world would not be where it is today if it weren’t for pioneering and well-loved classic Dungeons and Dragons. The classic DND may still be best enjoyed in its original tabletop form, but that does not mean that there aren’t online RPG games free download options that are based on DND.

fun free online rpg games

Neverwinter is the ultimate downloadable RPG that will let you enjoy the world of Dungeons and Dragons. Players can choose from one of the six available races which are equipped with unique racial traits and backgrounds.

Expect to fight through creepy locations to search for treasures hidden in the world of Neverwinter. Slowly build up your character and master the game because once you’ve logged on, you’ll get hooked for sure.

To download the free RPG you must have at least 8GB of free space on your PC which isn’t that much of a space requirement when compared to other downloadable games. Get ready to build your own dungeons while participating in intense combat with other online players when you enter the world of Neverwinter.

It’s definitely an online RPG that will definitely make the DND legacy proud.

Perfect for: Anyone who wants to play 3.5 rules in an MMORPG

Star Trek Online

Genre of the Game: Sci-Fi MMORPG

Another geek TV favorite adopted from the big screen into the world of online RPG is Star Trek Online. Fans of the show are given the chance to create their very own characters from every type of species found in the Star Trek universe.

top free online rpg

Once you’ve created your character you will be immediately assigned to a ship in a middle of a crisis and your mission begins with a very thorough tutorial. While playing the game you will be exposed to two different types of combat: personal (hand to hand and on foot) and space combat (using ships to battle with enemies).

Once you have gone through enough combat and missions you will eventually have the chance to captain your very own Star Fleet ship. What Trekkie could say no to that? To be able to access the free online RPG games download which has a 141 MB file size, you need to register on the game’s official website.

After you have done that you can join the rest of the online players, both casual and serious RPG gamers, in the ultimate quest in becoming a Star Fleet captain.

Perfect for: Trekkies.

Allods Online

Genre of the Game: Fantasy with a little Sci-Fi MMORPG

From tech developer Astrum Nival comes an impressive free fantas- based online RPG: Allods Online. Players must choose from one of the two factions that are at war in the fictional world of Allods. Upon choosing your faction the customization isn’t over just yet.

free online rpg adventure games

Players also have 28 different classes to choose from and can even create a pet to accompany them through their journey. The graphics of the game are in 3D which makes the need for at least 3GB of free hard disk space necessary.

All that space consumed is worth it to be able to go on over 1,500 different quests and the chance to encounter over 300 unique creatures along the way. Casual players may not be able to develop their characters well to compete with the serious players, but it’s all in good fun when you play Allods Online.

Play faction against faction, player against the environment, or even ship against ship battles or just fight your way through the dungeons of Allods.

There’s so much exploring and combat to be done, don’t get left behind, get on board the Allods Online world instead.

Perfect for: Players who want a complete SFF experience

Spiral Knights

Genre of the Game: Fantasy MMORPG

In Spiral Knights, one of the available downloadable RPG games for free, players get the chance to explore the world of Cradle. It is a hostile planet where alien creatures roam freely.

Each player is tasked to scavenge and gather what resources they can find to survive in the ever-changing planet.

play free online rpg games

Players have the option of going on the quest by themselves or to join together with up to three other players to conquer the hostile world.

Don’t let the retro-inspired graphics of the Spiral Knights turn you off from giving the game a chance. Behind the old school 3D graphics of the game lies a story and an adventure worth uncovering. Plus, the game only requires at least 300 MB of free hard disk space to download.

Spiral Knights might not appeal to serious gamers who want to immerse themselves wholly within the game, but for those looking to go on an adventure and have their friends alongside this is an online RPG worth downloading and playing.

Perfect for: Players who don’t want to grind in-game too much

Lord of the Rings Online

Genre of the Game: Fantasy MMORPG

From books to the big screen and finally to your computer. Lord of the Rings Online is an RPG download games version of the popular fantasy series that has made waves in Hollywood.

Long-time and new fans of the series now have their chance to explore Middle Earth themselves.

free online rpg games list

From the peaceful village of the Shire to the depths of Moria, the fictional world created by J.R.R Tolkien is now open for exploration. In the game players can create their own custom heroes to protect Middle Earth.

There are over 1,000 different combinations made from the 4 races, 9 classes, 7 vocations, and 10 professions available for every character once they reach level 75. Aside from creating your very own unique character in the game you can also create customized weapons they can use during skirmishes.

If you’re not up to playing the hero this time you can also choose be a servant of Sauron and engage other players in combat. The free to play Lord of the Rings Online RPG is available for download and requires at least 7GB of free hard disk space.

It’s a fair trade to be able to completely dive into the world of J.R.R Tolkien.

Perfect for: Anyone who wants a traditional fantasy setting.

Pirate Galaxy

Genre of the Game: Sci-Fi MMORPG

Intense is what most players would say after they’ve had the chance to play Pirate Galaxy online. This download games RPG stands out from other games because it is a browser based RPG which means that only 20MB of space is needed for the installation client.

free online rpg games

Once downloaded the game is ready to be played. Players take on the role of a smuggler who is on one of mankind’s only survivable colonies. Gamers must watch out for the alien races who dominate this fictional galaxy in the hopes of stopping the extinction of the human colony.

The free to play online RPG is jam packed with a detailed storyline which will ensure that things will be kept interesting while players keep playing on. The intensity of the game will require players to focus their attention on the game and not get sidetracked.

If they do fall behind the colonies might just have to face the alien races on their own and suffer big losses. Together with the help of space pirates in the search for Cryonite crystals the human race might just survive the brink of extinction.

Perfect for: Anyone who wants to be a space pirate

Forsaken World

Genre of the Game: Fantasy MMORPG

Inspired by classic European mythology, Forsaken World opens up a new 3D fantasy realm where players can be more than just mere humans. This enthralling and exciting online RPG games free download option occurs in a world where vampires, dwarves, and elves are the norm.

enthralling and exciting online RPG games

Players get to choose to be a part of one of the five unique races: Stonemen, Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and the Kindred. All of which have their own intriguing and in-depth background stories.

Aside from choosing a race each character must also select their class among these 8: warrior, protector, assassin, marksman, priest, vampire, mage, and bard. Their character will also be given the chance to select their very own profession which means there are so many combinations to mix and match to create the perfect character.

The diversity and freedom to create unique characters makes Forsaken World popular, especially for new online gamers.

It is a game for people who love to interact and also explore the fantasy and fictional world. Players must make sure they have at least 5GB of free space on their hard disk to successfully download and play this online RPG.

Perfect for: Anyone who wants to be a vampire in a fantasy setting

Dragon Saga

Genre of the Game: Fantasy MMORPG

Dragon Saga or also known as Dragonica Online is an RPG download games option that is popular among casual players. The game is very easy to get addicted to especially if you love mixing dragons and magic in with your RPGs.

the fantasy world

Players start off by choosing to be a part of one of the four classes: Warrior, Thief, Archer, or Mage. Afterwards, they can proceed to explore the fantasy world full of unique and captivating monsters.

Character customization is one of the biggest draws to this game as players can create avatars that mirror their image. You can battle against other players to gain ranks throughout the game or even spark a brawl between guilds if you want more action.

Skill mastery is important in Dragon Saga as earning advanced skills can lead you to victory and conquering other players and guilds. The vibrant 3D animation and the cheeky humor will surely pull you in once you’ve downloaded the game.

You only need at least 2GB of free hard disk space to be able to download and play Dragon Sage, a very small price to pay for an awesome online RPG.

Perfect for: Anyone who wants to spend days fixing facial features

Download RPG Games to Your Heart’s Content

In the online world FREE is a word that gamers simply just love. “Free to play” is a phrase that everyone in the online community loves to hear because online RPGs don’t come cheap.

Being able to download these games and many other like these without having to shell out cash (just clearing enough hard disk space) is a wonderful treat for gamers who are looking for something new, but aren’t sure of what they want.

The free to play option is a great way to discover new games by trial and error. Just select a game which you think is best suited for you, download it for free and go on a test game. If it’s not your style or the game isn’t challenging enough for you, it’s easy to abandon it seeing as you didn’t pay for the game.

There is a world of free online RPG waiting to be discovered and an online community filled with like-minded individuals who share a common interest. If you haven’t found a free to play online RPG that’s worth your time and hard disk space, don’t worry there is likely one out there for you.

It doesn’t matter if you want a game that is fully immersive or a casual game you can check back in when you have the free time, the online gaming community has something in store for you.

Check out at least one of the 14 games mentioned above, you might just find an online RPG to dedicate your time and effort to. Get ready and get gaming because these free RPG games download suggestions will surely lure into the world of online gaming and get you hooked in no time!

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