Board Game Bars in Indiana: Roll the Dice & Enjoy Drinks


Looking for a fun and unique night out in Indiana? Look no further than board game bars! These establishments offer a cozy and inviting atmosphere where you can enjoy great beer, delicious food, and a wide selection of board games to play with friends and family. From Books & Brews to MashCraft Greenwood, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite board game bars in Indiana that are sure to provide a memorable and entertaining experience. So grab a drink, roll the dice, and read on to learn more about these exciting businesses!

🏆 Our Choice Recommendation:

***OUR TOP PICK: Our top choice is Books & Brews. With a welcoming atmosphere, great beer selection, and a variety of games and books to enjoy, this board game bar is the perfect spot for a casual night out with friends or family. Whether you’re looking to relax with a pretzel and beer cheese or participate in karaoke night, Books & Brews has something for everyone. However, if you’re looking for a more traditional bar experience, The Ruin may be a better fit. Overall, Books & Brews stands out as the superior choice for its unique combination of books, games, and beer.

🏅 Best By Category:

TOP AMENITIES: Backstep Brewing Company – With a massive selection of beers on tap and an assortment of games and books to read, Backstep Brewing Company is the clear winner for top amenities.
BEST FOR QUIET GAMING: Books & Brews – With a gaming station and a lot of books to browse, Books & Brews is the perfect spot for quiet gaming.
GREAT FOR LARGE GROUPS: The Ruin – With beer pong, board games, and plenty of seating, Town Tavern is the ideal spot for large groups looking to have a good time.

How We Are Rating These Locations:

1) 🍺 BEER SELECTION: Quality and variety of beer offerings, including local and unique brews.
2) 🎶 ENTERTAINMENT: Live music, karaoke, trivia, and other events that enhance the overall experience.
3) 🍴 FOOD: Quality and variety of food offerings, including unique and tasty options.
4) 🎲 GAMES: Availability and variety of board games, pool tables, and other games to play.
5) 💬 ATMOSPHERE: Overall vibe and ambiance, including friendliness of staff and patrons, cleanliness, and comfort.

Board game bars in Indiana are a unique and exciting way to spend an evening out. When considering which one to visit, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, the atmosphere is key. You want a place that is welcoming and comfortable, with friendly staff and a chill vibe. The Ruin, for example, has exposed brick and cozy seating that makes you feel right at home, while Books & Brews has a nerd atmosphere that is perfect for gaming. Second, the beer selection is important. MashCraft Greenwood has interesting brews that are worth trying, and Backstep Brewing Company has a massive selection of beers on tap. Third, the food should not be overlooked. The pretzel and beer cheese at Books & Brews is delicious, and the wings at Anchor Inn Sports & Entertainment are amazing. Finally, live music and other events can make a board game bar even more fun. The Town Tavern has beer pong and lots of board games, and also hosts local bands. No matter which board game bar you choose, you’re sure to have a great time.

Additional Criteria:

  • Location – Proximity to customers’ homes or workplaces
  • Price – Affordability of food and drinks
  • Service – Friendliness and attentiveness of staff
  • Cleanliness – Hygiene and sanitation of the establishment

Option #1. Books & Brews

Address: 9402 Uptown Dr #1400, Indianapolis, IN 46256, United States Phone: +1 317-288-5136

Location: No information available
Price: Affordable food and drinks
Service: Friendly and attentive staff
Cleanliness: Hygienic and well-maintained establishment

✅ Bar onsite ✅ Alcohol ✅ Beer ✅ Gender-neutral restroom ✅ LGBTQ+ friendly

Books & Brews is an exceptional and welcoming establishment in Indiana that combines board games and a bar. The bar has a remarkable assortment of beers, including their own brews, and delectable food choices. The ambiance is ideal for spending time with friends or family, as there is a gaming station and a vast collection of books to peruse. Additionally, they host a variety of events, such as karaoke and live music nights. The staff is amiable and knowledgeable, and the service is exceptional. Nevertheless, a few customers have noted that the beer selection can be restricted in terms of quantity, and the food menu is limited. All in all, Books & Brews is a fantastic spot to unwind, play games, and relish a delicious drink and snack. It’s a perfect destination for anyone seeking a distinctive and enjoyable experience in Indiana’s board game bar scene.


  • Friendly and helpful staff
  • Unique nerd atmosphere with books and games
  • Great beer selection with quality options
  • Delicious food and snacks


  • Limited beer quantity
  • Some hit or miss beer options

OUR RATING: Books & Brews

🍺 BEER SELECTION: 8/10 – Quality over quantity, with unique and local brews.
🎶 ENTERTAINMENT: 9/10 – Live music, karaoke, trivia, and events.
🍴 FOOD: 8/10 – Small menu but delicious and unique options.
🎲 GAMES: 9/10 – Availability of board games and other games.
💬 ATMOSPHERE: 9/10 – Friendly staff and patrons, clean and comfortable.

💯 OVERALL SCORE: 8.6/10 – Best for beer and book lovers, great for groups and events. Not ideal for those looking for a large beer selection or extensive food menu.

Option #2. 6th Street Dive

Address: 1214 Broad St, New Castle, IN 47362, United States Phone: +1 765-388-2375

Location: Convenient for locals
Price: Fairly priced
Service: Friendly and attentive staff
Cleanliness: No information available

✅ Bar games ✅ Fast service ✅ Great bar food ✅ Great cocktails ✅ Live music

Located in Lafayette, Indiana, 6th Street Dive is an exceptional board game bar that boasts a friendly staff, a vast selection of drinks and food, and an inviting atmosphere. On pleasant days, the garage doors can be opened, making it a preferred destination for patrons. Additionally, the bar now offers an off-street parking lot, which is a significant convenience. The cuisine is outstanding, featuring distinctive Tex-Mex dishes. Highly recommended menu items include the fried pickles, tamales, fried chicken, and tacos. The bar also has an impressive beer selection, with a preference for local and regional crafts. Nonetheless, some customers have reported that the service can be sluggish, and the fried foods can be a tad greasy. All in all, 6th Street Dive is an excellent choice for customers seeking a lively and enjoyable atmosphere, delectable cuisine, and an extensive selection of beverages.


  • Good drinks and food
  • Great atmosphere
  • Friendly staff
  • Unique and flavorful dishes


  • Fried foods can be a bit oily
  • Slow service at times

OUR RATING: 6th Street Dive

🍺 BEER SELECTION: 8/10 – Decent beer selection with a tendency towards local/regional crafts. High rate of rotation on the taps is a plus.
🎶 ENTERTAINMENT: N/A – No information available.
🍴 FOOD: 9/10 – Excellent food with unique and tasty options. Tex-Mex based menu with daily specials.
🎲 GAMES: 8/10 – Wall stocked with board games.
💬 ATMOSPHERE: 8/10 – Fun and lively atmosphere with friendly staff and patrons. Cleanliness and comfort are good.

💯 OVERALL SCORE: 8.2/10 – Best for those who enjoy good food and beer in a fun and lively atmosphere. May not be ideal for those looking for live entertainment or a quiet atmosphere.

Option #3. Anchor Inn Sports & Entertainment

Address: 1140 IN-135, Greenwood, IN 46142, United States Phone: +1 317-215-4578

Location: Neighborhood bar, minimum parking
Price: Reasonable prices, good eats
Service: Friendly staff, engaging bartenders
Cleanliness: No information available

✅ Outdoor seating ✅ Bar games ✅ Fast service ✅ Great beer selection ✅ Wheelchair accessible entrance

Anchor Inn Sports & Entertainment is a snug pub that presents a range of amusement alternatives for its patrons, such as spa poker, billiards, board games, raffles, and more. The mixologists are captivating and the cuisine is superb, with extraordinary drink deals. Although the inside could benefit from a refurbishment in the following few years, it is still a long way from a seedy establishment. The vibe is trendy and relaxed, with a diverse assemblage. Nevertheless, the pub permits smoking indoors and solely accepts cash, which might be a worry for some clients. All in all, Anchor Inn is an exceptional spot to hang out with comrades or kin, have some beverages, and relish good grub and amusement.


  • Great food and drink specials
  • Engaging bartenders and friendly staff
  • Fun games and activities available
  • Cool and chill atmosphere


  • Cash only
  • Smoking allowed inside

OUR RATING: Anchor Inn Sports & Entertainment

🍺 BEER SELECTION: 7/10 – Good variety of beers, but no mention of local or unique brews.
🎶 ENTERTAINMENT: 8/10 – Live music, DJ, pool tables, and games available.
🍴 FOOD: 8/10 – Multiple positive reviews about the food, especially the wings and burgers.
🎲 GAMES: 8/10 – Pool tables, darts, board games, and arcade games available.
💬 ATMOSPHERE: 7/10 – Mixed reviews on the atmosphere, with some mentioning a friendly staff and good vibes, while others mention a smoky environment and outdated decor.

💯 OVERALL SCORE: 7.6/10 – Best for those looking for a casual spot with good food, drinks, and entertainment. May not be ideal for non-smokers or those looking for a modern atmosphere.

Option #4. Backstep Brewing Company

Address: 125 N Green St, Crawfordsville, IN 47933, United States Phone: +1 765-230-2337

Location: No information available
Price: Fair prices
Service: Friendly, knowledgeable staff
Cleanliness: Well managed, well staffed

✅ Wheelchair accessible entrance ✅ Wheelchair accessible parking lot ✅ Alcohol ✅ Beer ✅ Bar onsite

If you’re seeking a one-of-a-kind board game bar experience in Crawfordsville, Indiana, then Backstep Brewing Company is a must-visit destination. This establishment offers a fantastic selection of local and craft brews on tap, along with knowledgeable bartenders and a welcoming atmosphere that’s perfect for a night out with friends. While they don’t serve food, patrons are free to order in and enjoy games or books while they drink. The firehouse-inspired decor adds to the ambiance, and the dedication to supporting local artists and initiatives is unparalleled. Although some customers have mentioned that the menu is limited and the bartenders can be inattentive at times, the overall experience is still highly recommended. Whether you’re searching for a laid-back hangout spot or a venue to enjoy live music and events, Backstep Brewing Company has something for everyone.


  • Great selection of craft beer, including local brews
  • Fun atmosphere with games and books to read
  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff
  • Partnering with local organizations and artists


  • No food served, but customers can order in
  • Bartenders can be inattentive at times

OUR RATING: Backstep Brewing Company

🍺 BEER SELECTION: 9/10 – Solid selection of local brews and other craft beers, with a variety of styles to choose from.
🎶 ENTERTAINMENT: 7/10 – Offers games to play and occasional events, but no consistent entertainment schedule.
🍴 FOOD: N/A – No food served, but customers are welcome to order in from nearby restaurants.
🎲 GAMES: 8/10 – Plenty of board games and other games available to play.
💬 ATMOSPHERE: 9/10 – Friendly staff and patrons, clean and comfortable atmosphere with a mix of rustic and modern decor.

💯 OVERALL SCORE: 8.5/10 – Best for beer enthusiasts looking for a friendly and comfortable atmosphere, may not be ideal for those looking for consistent entertainment or food options.

Option #5. The Ruin

Address: 827 N 6th St, Lafayette, IN 47904, United States Phone: +1 765-771-7105

Location: No information available
Price: Good prices, fair drinks
Service: Friendly staff, responsive bartenders
Cleanliness: Very clean bathrooms, odd smell reported

✅ Outdoor seating ✅ Bar games ✅ Great beer selection ✅ Great cocktails ✅ Live music

The Ruin, located in Fort Wayne, is a trendy establishment that is definitely worth a visit. Its relaxed and welcoming ambiance, along with its exposed brick walls and comfortable seating, will make you feel right at home. The live music performances provide an extra layer of atmosphere, making it an ideal destination for a fun night out. The bar is renowned for its extensive selection of alcoholic beverages and beers, as well as its board games that customers can enjoy. While the venue can accommodate up to 80 people, it is most comfortable with 30. It is an all-ages venue, so don’t be surprised if you see a baby wearing headphones. Although the bathrooms are not wheelchair accessible, the bar hosts a variety of live music events throughout the week, including a free jazz open jam every Thursday and a rotating selection of rock/metal/indie/Americana on Friday and Saturday nights. They even organize community events such as speed dating and crafting events. While some customers have reported issues with service and the occasional unpleasant odor, The Ruin is an excellent place to hang out with friends or enjoy some local music performances.


  • Chill and inviting atmosphere with exposed brick and cozy seating
  • Known for live music and a great selection of liquor and beer
  • Offers games for customers to play and hosts a variety of community events
  • All ages venue with a variety of music genres and entertainment options


  • Bathrooms not accessible to wheelchairs
  • Limited seating for entertainment


🍺 BEER SELECTION: 8/10 – Nice beer selection with a variety of options, including local and unique brews.
🎶 ENTERTAINMENT: 9/10 – Known for live music and offers a variety of events, including jazz open jam, rock/metal/indie/Americana, songwriter open mics, crafting events, and more.
🍴 FOOD: N/A – No information available.
🎲 GAMES: 7/10 – Has games available for people to play.
💬 ATMOSPHERE: 8/10 – Chill and inviting atmosphere with exposed brick and cozy seating. Friendly staff and patrons, but some reviewers noted a musty smell and odd layout.

💯 OVERALL SCORE: 8/10 – Best for those looking for a small, intimate venue with live music and a good beer selection. May not be ideal for those looking for a wide variety of food options or a spacious layout.

Option #6. MashCraft Greenwood

Address: 6712 Calumet Ave, Hammond, IN 46324, United States Phone: +1 N/A

Location: No information available
Price: No information available
Service: Friendly and attentive staff
Cleanliness: Clean and well-maintained establishment

✅ Alcohol ✅ Beer ✅ Bar onsite ✅ Debit cards ✅ Credit cards

MashCraft Greenwood is a must-see destination for those seeking a top-notch board game bar experience in Indiana. This laid-back and community-oriented establishment offers a fascinating array of beers and sufficiently satisfying small bites. The brewery itself boasts bar games, live music, and a private party room. Patrons are also welcome to bring their own food to enjoy alongside their micro-brewed beer. The staff is amiable and well-informed, and the ambiance is welcoming and convivial. While there may be some reservations regarding noise levels and limited food options, the exceptional beer selection and hospitable service more than compensate for any shortcomings. In general, MashCraft Greenwood is an outstanding locale for a night of amusement with loved ones.


  • Interesting and unique beer selection
  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff
  • Casual and local atmosphere
  • Live music and events


  • Some customers have experienced rude or aloof staff
  • Limited food menu

OUR RATING: MashCraft Greenwood

🍺 BEER SELECTION: 9/10 – Great variety of unique and tasty brews.
🎶 ENTERTAINMENT: 8/10 – Live music and events enhance the experience.
🍴 FOOD: 7/10 – Decent menu with good options.
🎲 GAMES: 8/10 – Availability of board games and bar games.
💬 ATMOSPHERE: 9/10 – Friendly staff, clean and comfortable atmosphere.

💯 OVERALL SCORE: 8.2/10 – Best for beer enthusiasts and those looking for a casual and friendly atmosphere. May not be ideal for those looking for a more upscale or formal experience.

Option #7. Town Tavern

Address: 130 N First St, Pierceton, IN 46562, United States Phone: +1 260-610-6644

Location: No information available
Price: Good prices, fair prices
Service: Friendly staff, attentive staff
Cleanliness: No information available

✅ Bar games ✅ Great bar food ✅ Great beer selection ✅ Great cocktails ✅ Live music

If you’re searching for a lively and amusing board game pub in Indiana, then you need not look any further than Town Tavern! This well-liked establishment boasts an exceptional crew, impressive mixologists, and an inviting ambiance that will make you feel like part of the family. With a selection of activities such as beer pong, billiards, and board games, there’s never a dull moment here. Additionally, they offer daily drink specials and live entertainment on weekends. Although the bar only accepts cash, they do have an ATM available on the premises. While some patrons have expressed concerns about the environment becoming too boisterous, overall Town Tavern is an excellent place to grab a drink, engage in some games, and relish in live music. So, whether you’re seeking a night out with pals or a fun date location, Town Tavern is unquestionably worth a visit.


  • Great staff and awesome bartenders
  • Fun place to get a drink and play pool
  • Cool place to watch live music with good loud music
  • Daily drink specials and friendly staff


  • Cash only, can’t use card despite having an ATM
  • Some customers have reported fights

OUR RATING: Town Tavern

🍺 BEER SELECTION: 7/10 – Local and unique brews not mentioned, but good prices and fast service.
🎶 ENTERTAINMENT: 8/10 – Live music, karaoke, and DJ nights. Good crowd and different specials every night.
🍴 FOOD: N/A – No information available.
🎲 GAMES: 8/10 – Plenty of pool tables, beer pong, and board games.
💬 ATMOSPHERE: 8/10 – Friendly staff and patrons, good vibes, and cleanliness.

💯 OVERALL SCORE: 7.8/10 – Best for those looking for a fun, lively atmosphere with good entertainment and games. Not ideal for those looking for a quiet, low-key bar experience.

Option #8. Taproot Brewhouse and Company

Address: 1201 W Main St, Fort Wayne, IN 46808, United States Phone: +1 260-399-6336

Location: Convenient for locals
Price: Expensive for small portions
Service: Friendly and outgoing staff
Cleanliness: No information available

✅ Bar games ✅ Fast service ✅ Great beer selection ✅ Great cocktails ✅ Wheelchair accessible entrance

If you’re searching for a one-of-a-kind board game bar experience in Indiana, be sure to check out Taproot Brewhouse and Company. This place has a relaxed vibe and a wide variety of games for both kids and adults, making it the perfect destination for a night out with friends or family. The drink selection is exceptional, and the food is scrumptious, particularly the quesadillas and chili cheese dogs. The proprietors are amiable and hospitable, and the gift shop is stocked with exclusive items. While some may consider the prices a bit high, the portion sizes are reasonable, and the overall experience is well worth it. Don’t forget to take advantage of the various events, such as massages, reiki, painting classes, and game nights every Sunday. In conclusion, Taproot Brewhouse and Company is an excellent choice for those seeking a fun and unique board game bar experience in Indiana.


  • Chill atmosphere with games and activities for kids
  • Excellent drink selection
  • Tasty food, especially quesadillas, chili cheese dogs, and pizza
  • Fun events like massage, reiki, painting classes, and game nights


  • Expensive prices for small portions
  • Limited menu options

OUR RATING: Taproot Brewhouse and Company

🍺 BEER SELECTION: 8/10 – Good selection of beer, including local and unique brews.
🎶 ENTERTAINMENT: 7/10 – Offers events like massage, reiki, painting classes, and game nights every Sunday.
🍴 FOOD: 8/10 – Tasty food with unique options. Pizza and chili cheese dogs are recommended.
🎲 GAMES: 7/10 – Offers games for kids and adults.
💬 ATMOSPHERE: 9/10 – Chill atmosphere with friendly staff and patrons. Clean and comfortable.

💯 OVERALL SCORE: 8/10 – Ideal for those who want a chill atmosphere with good beer, tasty food, and games. Not ideal for those looking for large portions or a regular bar experience.

More About The State

Indiana is more than just a place for board game bars. This state in the Midwest boasts a rich history and varied geography that will leave you in awe. From the enigmatic Hopewell Tradition to the Native American tribes that still inhabit Indiana today, this state is steeped in cultural significance. The terrain is equally impressive, with sand dunes that tower over Lake Michigan, fertile farmland in the Till Plains, and steep hills and limestone caverns in the Southern Plains and Lowlands. Indiana is also home to a diverse array of wildlife, from majestic bald eagles to ornate box turtles. And let’s not forget about the world-renowned Indianapolis 500 car race and the birthplace of famous figures such as Orville Redenbacher, James Dean, and Cole Porter. With so much to explore, Indiana is a must-visit destination for anyone seeking a unique and unforgettable experience. Come and discover all that Indiana has to offer!


🎡 – The biggest museum for kids globally is The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, showcasing exhibits and interactive science displays that cover the era of dinosaurs to astronauts living on the International Space Station. The museum also boasts a planetarium, a children’s theater, and multiple outdoor exhibits, including a captivating playground called the “Tree of Sports.”

🏎️ – A museum open all year round that honors the fastest day in motorsports is the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum, which has a top-notch collection of automobiles and artifacts, including over 300 cars and at least 25 past winners of the Indianapolis 500 on permanent display. Several guided tours are also available, including the popular Kiss the Bricks Tour.

🎨 – The Eiteljorg Museum of American Indian and Western Art has an impressive collection of paintings and sculptures of the West, from the early 19th century onwards, including works by renowned Western artists Frederick S. Remington and Charles M. Russell. The museum’s most recent installation, Attitudes: The West in American Art, features a diverse collection of artists and cultures of the American West.

🎢 – Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari is an outstanding amusement park situated in Santa Claus, Indiana, with a massive collection of rides and slides that appeal to all types of family vacations. The park is divided into the Fourth of July, Halloween, Christmas, and Thanksgiving worlds, each offering unique details and rides. Splashin Safari boasts one of the most extensive water parks in the state.


In conclusion, board game bars in Indiana offer a unique and enjoyable experience for customers. These establishments provide a fun and casual atmosphere where patrons can relax and play games while enjoying great food and drinks. With a variety of board games and card games available, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Additionally, many of these bars offer live music and other entertainment options, making them a great spot for a night out with friends or family. To make the most of your visit, be sure to check out the reviews and recommendations before choosing a location. And don’t forget to bring your competitive spirit and sense of adventure! Thank you for taking the time to read and learn about these exciting businesses.

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