Board Game Bars in Kansas: Roll the Dice & Drink


Are you ready to roll the dice and have a great time? Look no further than board game bars in Kansas! These unique establishments offer a fun and casual atmosphere where you can enjoy delicious food and drinks while playing your favorite board games. From Headshots Arcade Bar & Grill to RPG (Restaurant, Pub & Games), Vagabond Cafe, Spawn Inn, Third Place Brewing, and Auntie Mae’s Parlor, we’ve got you covered with our top picks for the best board game bars in Kansas. So gather your friends and get ready for a night of fun and games! Keep reading to learn more about these awesome locations.

🏆 Our Choice Recommendation:

***OUR TOP PICK: Our top choice is Third Place Brewing. With excellent service, delicious food, and a wide selection of games and consoles, Headshots is the perfect spot for a fun night out with friends or a birthday party. However, for those who are uncomfortable with non-gender specific terms or prefer a quieter atmosphere, Headshots Arcade Bar & Grill may be a better fit. Overall, Headshots stands out as the superior option for its exceptional hospitality and diverse entertainment options.

🏅 Best By Category:

TOP AMENITIES: Third Place Brewing – With a wide variety of games and consoles, knowledgeable staff, and delicious food and drinks, Headshots Arcade Bar & Grill has everything you need for a fun night out.
BEST FOR QUIET GAMING: Headshots Arcade Bar & Grill – With a chill atmosphere and a variety of board games to choose from, Vagabond Cafe is the perfect spot for a quiet night of gaming.
GREAT FOR LARGE GROUPS: Auntie Mae’s Parlor – With a cozy atmosphere and a great cocktail menu, Auntie Mae’s Parlor is the perfect spot for a large group looking to have a fun night out. Plus, their basement provides a safe haven for anyone who wants to get some drinks in a tranquil environment.

How We Are Rating These Locations:

1) 🍻 DRINKS: Quality and variety of drinks, including cocktails, beer, and coffee.
2) 🎲 GAMES: Availability and variety of board games and video games.
3) 🍔 FOOD: Quality and variety of food options.
4) 🏠 ATMOSPHERE: Overall vibe and ambiance of the establishment.
5) 💼 SERVICE: Quality of customer service, including helpfulness and friendliness of staff.

Board game bars in Kansas offer a unique experience for those looking for a fun night out. From Headshots Arcade Bar & Grill to Third Place Brewing, these locations offer a variety of games and drinks to choose from. When considering which one to visit, there are a few factors to keep in mind. First, consider the atmosphere. Is it cozy and inviting, or loud and chaotic? Next, think about the selection of games and drinks. Are there enough options to keep you entertained all night? Additionally, customer service is key. Are the staff knowledgeable and friendly? Finally, don’t forget about the food. Is it delicious and reasonably priced? Whether you’re looking for a chill hangout spot or a lively bar, these board game bars have something for everyone. So grab your friends and get ready for a night of fun and games!

Additional Criteria:

  • Entertainment – Availability of live music, performances, and trivia nights
  • Accessibility – Wheelchair accessible entrance, parking lot, restroom, and seating
  • Diversity – LGBTQ+ friendly and transgender safespace
  • Outside Food – Allowance of outside food and availability of small plates and desserts

Option #1. Headshots Arcade Bar & Grill

Address: 724 Massachusetts St, Lawrence, KS 66044, United States Phone: +1 785-330-5079

Entertainment: Trivia night, bar games
Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible facilities
Diversity: LGBTQ+ friendly, transgender safespace
Outside Food: No information available

✅ Outdoor seating ✅ Curbside pickup ✅ No-contact delivery ✅ Delivery ✅ Takeout

Headshots Arcade Bar & Grill is an absolute must-see for anyone in Wichita seeking an exceptional and enjoyable time. For a mere $5 entrance fee, guests can indulge in endless rounds of board games, video games, and pinball machines. The staff is incredibly well-informed and accommodating, always eager to assist with game setup or provide recommendations. The food and drinks are reasonably priced and scrumptious, with a fantastic array of local brews and specialty cocktails. Although the ambiance can become somewhat noisy and dim for some, the general atmosphere is laid-back and hospitable. Families with children are encouraged to visit, and there’s even a quieter tavern area for those who aren’t as enthusiastic about video games. The only possible downside is that some patrons have reported tardy service during peak hours. All things considered, Headshots Arcade Bar & Grill is the ideal locale for a night of fun with friends or an exceptional date night.


  • Excellent service and hospitable staff
  • Knowledgeable and accommodating staff
  • Huge selection of games and consoles
  • Family and friend-friendly atmosphere


  • Drinks can take a while to be served when busy
  • Some customers may feel uncomfortable with non-gender specific terms of endearment

OUR RATING: Headshots Arcade Bar & Grill

🍻 DRINKS: 8/10 – Reasonably priced drinks with a good variety of options, including local beers and specialty cocktails.
🎲 GAMES: 9/10 – Huge selection of games, including board games, video games, and pinball machines.
🍔 FOOD: 7/10 – Good food options, but some inconsistencies in quality and limited options for customization.
🏠 ATMOSPHERE: 9/10 – Fun and relaxed atmosphere with a nerdy theme, perfect for groups or solo visits.
💼 SERVICE: 9/10 – Friendly and knowledgeable staff who are accommodating and attentive to customer needs.

💯 OVERALL SCORE: 8.4/10 – Best for groups or individuals who enjoy gaming and a fun atmosphere. May not be ideal for those looking for a quiet or upscale dining experience.

Option #2. RPG (Restaurant, Pub & Games)

Address: 733 S Kansas Ave, Topeka, KS 66603, United States Phone: +1 785-608-8050

Entertainment: No information available
Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible in all areas
Diversity: LGBTQ+ friendly and transgender safespace
Outside Food: No outside food allowed

✅ Outdoor seating ✅ Curbside pickup ✅ Takeout ✅ Great beer selection ✅ Great cocktails

RPG (Restaurant, Pub & Games) is a must-see destination for anyone seeking a one-of-a-kind and enjoyable experience in Lawrence, Kansas. With a top-notch rating for both food and ambiance, RPG provides a varied and innovative menu that sources its ingredients from local farms. The mixologists create exceptional cocktails that are both silky and diverse. RPG distinguishes itself from typical restaurants by not frequently approaching tables, instead waiting for patrons to signal them with a card. They have a vast array of board games and trivia nights that are ideal for groups of friends or family. The personnel are amiable and well-informed about the games and beverages, making it an excellent spot to unwind and have a good time. While there have been some concerns about the hospitality fee, it is clearly explained on the website and at the host stand. Overall, RPG is a hidden gem that provides excellent cuisine, drinks, and entertainment that is worth a visit if you haven’t already.


  • Diverse and creative menu with vegan options
  • Eclectic and amazing cocktails
  • Huge selection of board games
  • Laid-back atmosphere with friendly staff


  • Inattentive service at times
  • High prices for some menu items

OUR RATING: RPG (Restaurant, Pub & Games)

🍻 DRINKS: 9/10 – Eclectic and amazing cocktails, great selection of beer and non-alcoholic options.
🎲 GAMES: 10/10 – Huge selection of board and card games for all group sizes.
🍔 FOOD: 8/10 – Diverse and creative menu with vegan options, but some dishes may be overpriced.
🏠 ATMOSPHERE: 9/10 – Laid-back and fun vibe, dog-friendly patio, and great ambiance.
💼 SERVICE: 7/10 – Friendly and helpful staff, but some instances of slow service and miscommunication.

💯 OVERALL SCORE: 8.6/10 – Ideal for those looking for a fun and unique dining experience with great games and drinks. May not be ideal for those looking for quick service or budget-friendly options.

Option #3. Vagabond Cafe

Address: 2120 N Woodlawn Blvd #324, Wichita, KS 67208, United States Phone: +1 316-260-4370

Entertainment: No information available
Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible entrance, parking lot, restroom, and seating
Diversity: LGBTQ+ friendly and transgender safespace
Outside Food: Allowance of outside food and availability of small plates and desserts

✅ Outdoor seating ✅ Fast service ✅ Great beer selection ✅ Wheelchair accessible entrance ✅ Wheelchair accessible parking lot

Vagabond Cafe is a relaxed establishment that offers a unique combination of coffee and cocktails. The cafe has a cozy and welcoming ambiance, complete with a small back room and a variety of board games. The staff is amiable and accommodating, and the prices of drinks are reasonable. However, some patrons have observed that the doors are frequently left open, allowing cigarette smoke to permeate the interior, and that the quality of service can be inconsistent. Despite these shortcomings, Vagabond Cafe is an excellent place to socialize with friends, meet new acquaintances, and savor a cup of coffee or a cocktail. It’s an ideal location for those seeking a laid-back and easygoing atmosphere, and it’s a superb option for those in search of a late-night hangout spot in Wichita.


  • Chill atmosphere for studying or working during the day
  • Fun spot for hanging out with friends and playing board games at night
  • Eclectic crowd with a cozy vibe
  • Good coffee and drinks, including a mystery beer option


  • Doors are often left open, allowing cigarette smoke to enter
  • Some customers reportedly violate indoor smoking and vaping laws

OUR RATING: Vagabond Cafe

🍻 DRINKS: 8/10 – Great variety of drinks including coffee, beer, and cocktails. Mystery beer option is a hit or miss.
🎲 GAMES: 7/10 – Nice board game options and a small back room.
🍔 FOOD: 7/10 – Good food options including breakfast and hummus.
🏠 ATMOSPHERE: 8/10 – Chill and eclectic vibe. Cozy and relaxed environment with a small front patio.
💼 SERVICE: 7/10 – Friendly and helpful staff, but some complaints about poor service and dirty glasses.

💯 OVERALL SCORE: 7.4/10 – Best for those looking for a laid-back and relaxed atmosphere with a good variety of drinks and board games. Not ideal for those sensitive to cigarette smoke or looking for a more upscale environment.

Option #4. Spawn Inn

Address: 616 N 12th St, Manhattan, KS 66502, United States Phone: +1 785-539-8508

Entertainment: Live music, performances, trivia.
Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible entrance, parking, restroom.
Diversity: LGBTQ+ friendly, transgender safespace.
Outside Food: Outside food allowed.

✅ Bar games ✅ Great beer selection ✅ Great cocktails ✅ Live music ✅ Trivia night

Spawn Inn, located in Topeka, Kansas, is a bar that specializes in board games and provides a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for everyone. The lounge is both clean and exciting, offering a wide variety of board games that are complimentary with the purchase of a drink. Additionally, there are several video game consoles available, making it an ideal location to spend time with friends and enjoy some gaming. The drinks served at Spawn Inn are creative and delicious, featuring unique options such as the D20 shots. The ambiance is heavily influenced by popular culture, including Nintendo, Star Wars, Marvel, and DC Comics, making it a perfect destination for fans of these genres. The only downside is the limited selection of digital games, which can be downloaded for a fee that is charged hourly and may take longer than one hour to complete. Overall, Spawn Inn is a fantastic place to relax and enjoy a fun-filled environment that caters to the inner geek in all of us.


  • Welcoming and friendly environment
  • Phenomenal milkshakes and creative drink menu
  • Board games and video game consoles available for free with drinks
  • Fun and exciting lounge with themed decor


  • Limited digital games collection
  • Small size of the establishment


🍻 DRINKS: 8/10 – Unique and creative drink menu with affordable prices.
🎲 GAMES: 9/10 – Wide variety of board games and video games available for free with a drink purchase.
🍔 FOOD: 6/10 – Limited food options available.
🏠 ATMOSPHERE: 9/10 – Cozy and welcoming atmosphere with fun and exciting decor.
💼 SERVICE: 9/10 – Friendly and helpful staff with excellent customer service.

💯 OVERALL SCORE: 8.2/10 – Best for those looking for a fun and unique hangout spot with a wide variety of games and creative drink options. May not be ideal for those looking for a full food menu or a large space.

Option #5. Third Place Brewing

Address: 614 W Douglas Ave, Wichita, KS 67203, United States Phone: +1 316-303-1110

Entertainment: Live music and games available.
Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible entrance and parking.
Diversity: No information available.
Outside Food: No outside food allowed.

✅ Alcohol ✅ Beer ✅ Bar onsite ✅ Delivery ✅ Wheelchair accessible entrance

If you’re in Wichita and seeking a chill board game bar, Third Place Brewing is a must-visit. This brewery is a hidden gem in Old Town, boasting a great selection of homebrews, including a must-try nitro stout, and a laid-back atmosphere. The bartenders are friendly and personable, and the outdoor patio is ideal for enjoying a pint with pals. Although the decor may appear improvised, the establishment is tidy and the staff is accommodating. While the beer selection may not be extensive enough for some, the overall experience is worthwhile. Third Place Brewing is the perfect spot for those looking for a cozy spot to hang out, play board games, or simply sip on a craft beer.


  • Friendly and personable staff
  • Good selection of beers, including unique and one-of-a-kind batches
  • Laid-back and comfortable atmosphere
  • Dog-friendly environment


  • Limited food options
  • Some customers experienced slow service during busy times

OUR RATING: Third Place Brewing

🍻 DRINKS: 9/10 – Great selection of beers, including unique batches. Nitro stout is a standout.
🎲 GAMES: 7/10 – Board games available, but not a huge variety.
🍔 FOOD: N/A – No information available.
🏠 ATMOSPHERE: 8/10 – Laid-back and comfortable vibe. Simple decor, but clean.
💼 SERVICE: 9/10 – Friendly and helpful staff. Bartenders are personable and knowledgeable.

💯 OVERALL SCORE: 8.5/10 – Best for beer lovers looking for a relaxed atmosphere and friendly service. Not ideal for those looking for a large selection of food or games.

Option #6. Auntie Mae’s Parlor

Address: 630 E Douglas Ave #150, Wichita, KS 67202, United States Phone: +1 316-833-2873

Entertainment: Live music, trivia nights
Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible entrance, seating, restroom, parking lot
Diversity: No information available
Outside Food: Outside food allowed

✅ Bar games ✅ Great beer selection ✅ Great cocktails ✅ Live music ✅ Trivia night

Auntie Mae’s Parlor is a concealed treasure located in Manhattan, Kansas that presents a comfortable and welcoming ambiance with a distinct past that patrons can sense. The establishment has a character that sets it apart from some of the newer college bars, and the drink menu changes regularly and is reasonably priced. The personnel are hospitable and welcoming, allowing customers to feel secure and at ease during their night out or brief visit. While the establishment does not provide food, it offers an excellent variety of specialty beers and cocktails, and showcases frequent live music performances. The basement serves as a peaceful retreat for anyone who desires to enjoy some beverages in a serene setting. Nevertheless, customers should be aware that the establishment can become noisy on weekends. All in all, Auntie Mae’s Parlor is an excellent spot to socialize and have drinks with companions, while still being able to converse comfortably.


  • Inviting atmosphere with a rich history
  • Rotating and reasonably priced cocktail menu
  • Locally owned with caring staff and patrons
  • Fun events and cozy atmosphere


  • Can become noisy on weekends
  • $10 minimum for credit/debit card purchases

OUR RATING: Auntie Mae’s Parlor

🍻 DRINKS: 9/10 – Rotating cocktail menu, great selection of craft beers and spirits, strong drinks, and Irish coffee. Some reviewers mention lack of top shelf liquors for craft cocktails.
🎲 GAMES: N/A – No information available.
🍔 FOOD: N/A – No information available.
🏠 ATMOSPHERE: 9/10 – Cozy, inviting atmosphere with a history that you can feel. Basement dive-bar with a pirate ship vibe. Retro photo booth. Vinyl night. Live music. Trivia. Speakeasy feel.
💼 SERVICE: 9/10 – Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Table service. Prompt attention, except for some reviewers who mention lack of acknowledgment.

💯 OVERALL SCORE: 9/10 – Best for those looking for a cozy, speakeasy-style bar with a great selection of drinks, live music, and fun events. May not be ideal for those looking for a food menu or extensive game options.

More About The State

Kansas is not just a popular destination for board game enthusiasts. This Midwestern state boasts a wealth of history, culture, and natural splendor. From the dissected till plains in the northeast to the great plains in the west, Kansas offers a diverse terrain that is home to a variety of flora and fauna. The state’s name is derived from the Kansa Native American tribe, and its nickname, the Sunflower State, is a reference to the vast fields of sunflowers that bloom here. Kansas played a significant role in the Civil War, and visitors can transport themselves back in time by visiting the Old Cowtown Museum to experience life in the 1860s and 1870s. Notable Kansans include pilot Amelia Earhart and environmental activist Erin Brockovich. With so much to explore, it’s time to plan your journey to Kansas and discover all that this state has to offer.


🌺 – Botanica, The Wichita Gardens: Discover almost 30 themed gardens, such as the imaginative Downing Children’s Garden and the Elizabethan-era Shakespeare Garden. Be sure to explore the Butterfly gardens, Koi pond pavilions, and over 4,000 species of plants for a delightful experience.

🏛️ – Kansas State Capitol: Stroll through the French Renaissance-style building, which took 37 years to construct, and be amazed by the captivating murals, sculptures, and regular programs. For a distinctive adventure, take the complimentary Dome Tour for a close-up view of the dome and a breathtaking panoramic view of Topeka from the top.

🦁 – Sedgwick County Zoo: With more than 3,000 animals across 400 species, including elephants, gorillas, lions, and tigers, this zoo is a top attraction for families in Kansas. Take the complimentary tram or boat tour, or try animal interactions like giraffe feeding for an unforgettable experience.

🏛️ – Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum: Discover President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s contributions to American politics and society at his boyhood home and Presidential Library in Abilene. The complex comprises five buildings, including the Presidential Library with exhibits and research archives, a museum, and a meditation building.

🌾 – Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve: Encounter the grandeur of the original tallgrass prairie ecosystem at this unique location, with less than four percent of America’s original 170 million acres of land remaining. Take a bus tour, a self-guided cell phone tour, or hike the area at your leisure, and don’t miss special events like the open-air symphony concert.


In conclusion, board game bars in Kansas offer a unique and exciting experience for customers looking for a fun night out. These businesses provide a welcoming atmosphere for all, with a variety of games to choose from and delicious food and drinks to enjoy. From the cozy and chill vibe of Vagabond Cafe to the eclectic and exciting atmosphere of Spawn Inn, there is something for everyone. Third Place Brewing offers a great selection of beers and live music, while Auntie Mae’s Parlor provides a smooth and soulful atmosphere with thoughtfully made cocktails. To make the most out of your visit, be sure to bring a group of friends and try out different games and drinks. Don’t forget to take advantage of the knowledgeable and friendly staff who are always happy to help. So, whether you’re a board game enthusiast or just looking for a fun night out, board game bars in Kansas are definitely worth checking out. Thank you for taking the time to read this review, and we hope you have a great time exploring these businesses!

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