Board Game Bars in Massachusetts: Best Dice & Drink


Looking for a fun and unique night out with friends? Look no further than board game bars in Massachusetts! These bars offer a cozy and inviting atmosphere where you can enjoy a drink or two while playing your favorite board games. From Tavern of Tales: Café & Bar to Notch Brewery & Tap Room, there are plenty of options to choose from. Whether you’re a board game enthusiast or just looking for a fun night out, these bars are sure to provide a memorable experience. Keep reading to learn more about our favorite picks for board game bars in Massachusetts!

🏆 Our Choice Recommendation:

***OUR TOP PICK: Our top choice is Tavern of Tales: Café & Bar. With a wide selection of board games, delicious food, and friendly staff, Tavern of Tales is the perfect spot for a fun night out with friends. Plus, their private soundproof room is a unique and exciting option for special events. While vegetarian options may be limited, the overall experience is worth it. A 1st-runner up worth considering is Idle Hands Craft Ales, with a great community atmosphere and diverse beer selection, but Tavern of Tales stands out with its exceptional board game selection and private room option.

🏅 Best By Category:

TOP AMENITIES: Tavern of Tales: Caf̩ & Bar РWith a great selection of food and drinks, soundproof private rooms, and a wide variety of games, Tavern of Tales is the clear winner for top amenities.
BEST FOR QUIET GAMING: The Summit Lounge – With its relaxed atmosphere, long shared tables, and board games, Notch Brewery & Tap Room is the perfect spot for a quiet night of gaming.
GREAT FOR LARGE GROUPS: 4th Wall Restaurant & Bar – With its spacious indoor and outdoor seating areas, delicious BBQ food, and amazing craft beer selection, Dorchester Brewing Company is the perfect spot for large groups looking to have a good time.

How We Are Rating These Locations:

1) 🍺 BEER SELECTION: The variety and quality of beer offerings, including diverse styles and flavors.
2) 🎲 GAME SELECTION: The range and quality of board games available for play.
3) 🍔 FOOD OPTIONS: The selection and quality of food offerings, including vegetarian and non-alcoholic options.
4) 🏢 ATMOSPHERE: The overall ambiance and vibe of the establishment, including decor, seating, and community feel.
5) 💰 VALUE: The perceived value for money, including pricing of food, drinks, and games, as well as any promotions or discounts offered.

Board game bars in Massachusetts offer a unique and exciting experience for customers. When evaluating these types of businesses, there are several factors to consider. First and foremost, the selection of games available is crucial. Customers want a variety of options to choose from, including classic games and newer releases. Additionally, the atmosphere and overall vibe of the establishment can make or break the experience. Is it cozy and inviting, or too loud and chaotic? Another important consideration is the food and drink options. Are they reasonably priced and tasty? Are there non-alcoholic options available for those who don’t drink? Finally, customer service is key. Are the staff friendly and knowledgeable about the games and menu items? Do they go above and beyond to make sure customers have a great time? Overall, board game bars in Massachusetts offer a fun and engaging way to spend time with friends and family. With the right combination of games, atmosphere, food and drink, and customer service, these establishments can provide a memorable experience for all.

Additional Criteria:

  • Community – A sense of community and inclusivity within the establishment.
  • Unique Offerings – Unique and interesting food and drink options that cannot be found elsewhere.
  • Entertainment – A variety of entertainment options beyond just board games, such as live music or trivia nights.
  • Accessibility – A focus on accessibility for all customers, including wheelchair accessibility and gender-neutral restrooms.

Option #1. Tavern of Tales: Café & Bar

Address: 1478 Tremont St, Boston, MA 02120, United States Phone: +1 617-708-0172

Community: LGBTQ+ friendly, Transgender safespace
Unique Offerings: Great beer selection, Comfort food
Entertainment: Game experience rooms, Trivia night
Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible entrance, Wheelchair accessible restroom

✅ Outdoor seating ✅ Curbside pickup ✅ Delivery ✅ Takeout ✅ Dine-in

Tavern of Tales: Café & Bar is an exceptional location for individuals seeking an exceptional and enjoyable evening. The establishment offers a remarkable assortment of board games, a private room that muffles sound, and game experiences guided by knowledgeable personnel, ensuring there is something for everyone. Although the food selection is restricted, the sandwiches are freshly prepared and delightful, and the drinks are imaginative and entertaining. The personnel are amiable and supportive, always eager to suggest or personalize beverages to your preference. The vegetarian options are somewhat limited, but the beer selection is remarkable. Although some of the food items may be expensive, the menu is continuously updated. In general, Tavern of Tales is an excellent location for an evening out with friends, particularly for those who adore board games and gaming.


  • Great selection of board games and gaming experiences
  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff
  • Delicious food and drinks at fair prices
  • Private rooms available for group events and celebrations


  • Limited vegetarian options on the menu
  • Some food items are overpriced

OUR RATING: Tavern of Tales: Café & Bar

🍺 BEER SELECTION: 8/10 – Great variety of beers with unique flavors.
🎲 GAME SELECTION: 9/10 – Large selection of games, including private rooms with guided experiences.
🍔 FOOD OPTIONS: 7/10 – Limited food options, but good quality and fair prices.
🏢 ATMOSPHERE: 8/10 – Cozy and inviting ambiance with dim lighting and a community feel.
💰 VALUE: 8/10 – Perceived value for money is good, with fair pricing and promotions offered.

💯 OVERALL SCORE: 8/10 – Best for those who enjoy board games and unique drinks, but may not be ideal for those looking for a large food menu or a loud bar atmosphere.

Option #2. Notch Brewery & Tap Room – Brighton

Address: 644 Beacon St, Boston, MA 02215, United States Phone: +1 617-262-3749

Community: Large community feel with shared seating.
Unique Offerings: Unique European-style beers.
Entertainment: Fun events and board game nights.
Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible entrance, parking, seating, and restrooms.

✅ Wheelchair accessible entrance ✅ Wheelchair accessible parking lot ✅ Wheelchair accessible restroom ✅ Wheelchair accessible seating ✅ Beer

Looking for a one-of-a-kind experience for beer enthusiasts? Notch Brewery & Tap Room located in Brighton is the perfect destination. It’s an ideal spot for large groups with its community-style benches and ample indoor and outdoor seating. This brewery specializes in German and Czech-style beers, which is a refreshing change from the usual IPA-focused brews. Additionally, they host regular board game nights and other enjoyable events. Although the food choices are limited, there are numerous nearby eateries that offer delivery. While parking can be a challenge during peak hours, the atmosphere and exceptional beer selection make it a worthwhile visit. Notch Brewery & Tap Room is a fantastic choice for those seeking a relaxed and entertaining venue to savor a cold beer with friends.


  • Great selection of European-style beers
  • Spacious indoor and outdoor seating
  • Welcoming atmosphere for large groups
  • Fun events and board game nights


  • Limited food options
  • Parking can be difficult

OUR RATING: Notch Brewery & Tap Room – Brighton

🍺 BEER SELECTION: 9/10 – Great selection of European-style beers, refreshing to see a brewery that specializes in something other than IPAs.
🎲 GAME SELECTION: 7/10 – Free board games available, but not a huge selection.
🍔 FOOD OPTIONS: 6/10 – Limited menu, but outside food is allowed and nearby options are available.
🏢 ATMOSPHERE: 9/10 – Welcoming space with indoor and outdoor seating, community feel of benches, and great ambiance.
💰 VALUE: 8/10 – Pricing is pretty average, good value for money.

💯 OVERALL SCORE: 7.8/10 – Best for beer enthusiasts who enjoy European-style beers and a relaxed atmosphere. Not ideal for those looking for a large food menu or extensive game selection.

Option #3. Dorchester Brewing Company

Address: 228 Tremont St, Boston, MA 02116, United States Phone: +1 857-957-0909

Community: Welcoming and inclusive atmosphere.
Unique Offerings: Extensive beer selection, M&M BBQ.
Entertainment: Arcade games, occasional events.
Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible entrance and parking.

✅ Bar onsite ✅ Alcohol ✅ Beer ✅ Curbside pickup ✅ No-contact delivery

Dorchester Brewing Company is an essential destination for those who want to have a good time in Massachusetts. This brewery provides a distinctive blend of cuisine and beer, with M&M BBQ truck offering delectable dishes within the brewery. It is an ideal location for any event, with a rooftop bar and indoor seating. The brewery also has an excellent selection of craft beer, with freshly brewed beverages made on-site. The artwork on the walls is a nice touch, with each piece having its own unique tale. Although dogs are not allowed on the upper deck due to MA law, the lower patio is a great place to soak up the ambiance. The staff is welcoming and accommodating, making it a great place for small or large gatherings. The only drawback is that it can get crowded, but that’s just a testament to how great the place is. In conclusion, Dorchester Brewing Company is a superb spot for anyone seeking exceptional beer, food, and a lively atmosphere.


  • Freshly made beer on-site
  • Great combination of beer and BBQ
  • Unique and fun atmosphere with arcade games and museum art
  • Spacious venue with plenty of seating for large groups


  • Limited parking space
  • No dogs allowed on upper roof deck

OUR RATING: Dorchester Brewing Company

🍺 BEER SELECTION: 9/10 – Extensive selection of delicious, fresh-made beers with a variety of styles and flavors.
🎲 GAME SELECTION: 8/10 – Board games and arcade games available for play.
🍔 FOOD OPTIONS: 8/10 – M&M BBQ inside the brewery with tasty, big portioned food offerings.
🏢 ATMOSPHERE: 9/10 – Lovely ambiance with interesting paintings, family-oriented board games, and a cozy rooftop bar.
💰 VALUE: 8/10 – Typical pricing for craft beer, but flights and promotions offered.

💯 OVERALL SCORE: 8.4/10 – Ideal for beer and BBQ lovers, as well as those looking for a fun and cozy atmosphere. May not be ideal for those looking for a quiet or quick drink experience.

Option #4. Cornwall’s

Address: 116 Water St, Worcester, MA 01604, United States Phone: +1 774-420-2261

Community: Friendly, welcoming atmosphere.
Unique Offerings: Good beer and comfort food.
Entertainment: No information available.
Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible entrance, restroom, and seating.

✅ Dine-in ✅ Fast service ✅ Solo dining ✅ Wheelchair accessible entrance ✅ Wheelchair accessible restroom

Cornwall’s is a sports bar that can be found near the Kenmore T Station in Boston. It’s an ideal location to spend time with loved ones, especially before or after a Red Sox game. The establishment offers a fantastic selection of beer and serves scrumptious pub grub, such as delectable hamburgers and fish and chips. The personnel are amiable and accommodating, making it a perfect spot for a casual night out or after-work drinks. While some patrons have mentioned that the food doesn’t match the menu’s description, the overall experience at Cornwall’s is favorable. The bar has a lively ambiance, with billiards and dartboards, and is an excellent place to watch a game or unwind with friends. Cornwall’s is a reliable option for those seeking a sports bar in Massachusetts.


  • Great food and drinks, especially the Reuben and bangers and mash
  • Excellent beer selection, including some English options
  • Friendly and attentive staff, providing great service
  • Convenient location next to Kenmore T Station, perfect for pre-Red Sox game meetups


  • Inconsistent food quality, with some menu items not meeting expectations
  • Limited menu options for those looking for something beyond typical British pub fare

OUR RATING: Cornwall’s

🍺 BEER SELECTION: 8/10 – Excellent beer list with diverse styles and flavors.
🎲 GAME SELECTION: 7/10 – Pool tables and dart boards available.
🍔 FOOD OPTIONS: 7/10 – Good pub food with vegetarian options.
🏢 ATMOSPHERE: 8/10 – Friendly staff, good ambiance, and community feel.
💰 VALUE: 7/10 – Reasonably priced food and drinks.

💯 OVERALL SCORE: 7.4/10 – Ideal for those looking for a friendly and casual pub experience with good beer and pub food. May not be ideal for those looking for a high-end dining experience.

Option #5. Idle Hands Craft Ales

Address: 89 Commercial St, Malden, MA 02148, United States Phone: +1 781-333-6070

Community: Great community-oriented events
Unique Offerings: Varied and delicious beer selection
Entertainment: Board games and occasional events
Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible entrance, parking, and restroom

✅ Alcohol ✅ Beer ✅ Bar onsite ✅ Debit cards ✅ Credit cards

Idle Hands Craft Ales is an exceptional brewery that provides an enjoyable sense of community for its patrons. The Taproom has a traditional beer hall vibe and includes a wall that separates the brewery from the taproom. The artwork inside is impressive and the outdoor seating is ideal for warmer weather. The selection of beers on tap is impressive, with a range of styles to choose from. The brewery also organizes community events and temporary food offerings, making it an ideal location for groups to gather. Although the beer menu is heavily focused on IPAs, there are still plenty of other choices available. The personnel are amiable and knowledgeable, and the variety of board games is a great way to pass the time while savoring a pint. The only possible downside is that the beer selection may be limited at times, but the fantastic atmosphere and welcoming staff more than compensate for it. In general, Idle Hands Craft Ales is a necessary stop for anyone seeking an exceptional board game bar in Massachusetts.


  • Great beer selection with a variety of styles
  • Community-oriented events and pop-up food offerings
  • Cozy and chill atmosphere with board games and outdoor seating
  • Friendly and helpful staff


  • Limited dark beer options
  • Beer menu can be strongly IPA-based

OUR RATING: Idle Hands Craft Ales

🍺 BEER SELECTION: 9/10 – Great variety of classic and modern beers, with a rotating selection of local food pop-ups. Some reviewers wished for more dark beers.
🎲 GAME SELECTION: 8/10 – Lots of board games available for play, making it a great spot to hang out with friends.
🍔 FOOD OPTIONS: 7/10 – Pop-up food offerings available, but no kitchen. Snack menu available at times.
🏢 ATMOSPHERE: 9/10 – Great ambiance and vibe, with a beerhall-reminiscent Taproom, murals, and dog-friendly patio.
💰 VALUE: 8/10 – Perceived value for money is good, with pricing of food, drinks, and games being reasonable.

💯 OVERALL SCORE: 8.2/10 – Best for beer lovers who enjoy a community-oriented atmosphere, board games, and local food pop-ups. May not be ideal for those looking for a full food menu or a wide selection of dark beers.

More About The State

Massachusetts is more than just a destination for board game enthusiasts. This state in New England is rich in history, boasting landmarks and attractions that will transport you to another era. Massachusetts has played a significant role in shaping American history, from the first Thanksgiving celebration to the Salem witch trials. But it’s not just about the past. The state’s diverse geography offers something for everyone, from the Coastal Lowland with its rocky bays to the mountains of the Berkshires. You may even spot some of the local wildlife, such as black bears, moose, and bald eagles. And let’s not forget about the food – Massachusetts is known for its iconic dishes, including Boston cream pie and chocolate chip cookies. Why not plan a trip to Massachusetts and experience all that this incredible state has to offer? You won’t regret it!


🧭- Follow the path of history by walking along Boston’s Freedom Trail. This 2.5-mile long trail takes you through the events of the American Revolution, utilizing various sites around the city to tell the story. The trail includes 16 sites, each providing insight into the war, such as the hall that ignited the Boston Tea Party, Paul Revere’s home, and the retired USS Constitution. Visitors can take a self-guided tour to explore each site.

🛍️- Shopping at Faneuil Hall Marketplace is a unique experience and a must-see for newcomers to the city. This bustling complex features over 100 stores for shopping, dining, and entertainment. Quincy Market is one of three retail buildings where you’ll find national big-box retailers alongside local vendors selling handmade crafts. The fourth building in the complex is dedicated to food, with restaurants serving up a variety of cuisines.

🎨- The Norman Rockwell Museum preserves the legacy of one of America’s most prominent illustrators. The museum boasts the largest collection of original works by the renowned American painter. Located in Stockbridge, visiting the Norman Rockwell Museum is one of the top attractions in Massachusetts. It allows you to view the works of one of the country’s most celebrated artists, who perfectly captured American culture and everyday life.

🏖️- The Cape Cod National Seashore stretches for 40 miles along the coast of Cape Cod and boasts some of the best beaches in New England. The pristine beach conditions make it one of the top destinations in Massachusetts for outdoor enthusiasts.


In conclusion, board game bars in Massachusetts offer a unique and exciting experience for customers looking for a fun night out with friends. These businesses provide a wide variety of board games, delicious food, and refreshing drinks, making them the perfect spot for game enthusiasts and casual players alike. With the added benefit of hosting events and community gatherings, these establishments offer a welcoming and inclusive environment for all. It’s important to note that while some of these businesses may have limited food options, they often allow outside food or offer delivery options from nearby restaurants. So, grab your friends, pick a game, and enjoy a night of laughter and fun at one of Massachusetts’ board game bars. Thank you for taking the time to read this review, and we hope to see you at one of these fantastic establishments soon!

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