Date All The Boys: 9 Best RPG Dating Games

Are Fabio and Scotsmen absolutely not doing it for you anymore?

Do you want to get cornered by an aggressive guy or manipulated by a boy with bipolar tendencies?

Or do you want someone to say you’re cute and sweet talk his way into your heart?

Then dating games are the best thing for you.

Hold on to your panties (and devices) ladies, because we’ve got a list to make your heart swoon.

It’s raining men and young boys

Looking for new dating RPG games to play is kind of like buying a book; just like how we don't want to judge a book by its cover, we don’t want to judge a game by its art. However, without potentially spoiling ourselves, we have no idea if the story, characters, or gameplay are worth our time, effort, and money.

Luckily, we'll be going over 9 of the most popular dating games available in English, and I'll give a short description of each game's premise, characters, gameplay, replayability, and story so you can go straight into dating some cuties.

Hakuouki ~Demon of the Fleeting Blossom~

Genre: Historical
Type: Visual Novel

In Hakuouki, you play as Chizuru Yukimura, who has traveled to Kyoto to look for her father, but ends up in the company of the Shinsengumi! Hakuouki features up to 50 hours of gameplay with multiple endings, six pursuable characters, and beautifully done CG art.

get to the defining moments for each character path

Each character route offers a significantly different story, and the characters are each endearing in quite different ways. Although the only interaction in the game is through text choices, you can fast forward through text (after finishing the game at least once) to get to the defining moments for each character path.

The game also features an encyclopedia, where you can look up historical terms relevant to the story, and a CG gallery.

Rating: We rate this game a 9/10 for the sheer amount of story and how immersive this game is. Hakuoki is currently available on multiple platforms, such as the Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Portable and Vita, PlayStation 3, as well as on iPhone and Android.

Perfect for: Players who are just getting into dating games.

Amnesia: Memories

Genre: Modern
Type: Visual Novel

You wake up one day with no memories, not even your name. In a world where everything is uncertain, who can you trust?

Amnesia: Memories is a story-heavy game that features up to 50 hours of gameplay, five character paths, and multiple endings, some good and some bad.

 an intricate art style

Having lost your memory, you must make your choices carefully to hide your amnesia; the game features status bars that show how close or how suspicious characters are of you and what you decide to say and do.

The game has an intricate art style and interesting characters that’ll keep you guessing with each route you take. The story has some interesting twists, which makes playing each boy's route worth your time.

Rating: Our rating for Amnesia is 8/10. Amnesia: Memories is available on Windows via Steam client, Playstation Vita, iPhone, and Android.

Perfect for: Players who aren’t into historical settings but still want the immersive style of Hakuoki.

Nameless ~ The One Thing You Must Recall ~

Genre: High School
Type: Novel

Living alone without family, all Eri has to keep her company are her ball-jointed dolls. After a strange dream, she wakes up to see her toys have come to life.

a lot of stories to go through with this game

Nameless is another story-heavy game that has characters based on real ball-jointed dolls made by Crobidoll. With around 40 hours of gameplay and five character routes, there are a lot of stories to go through with this game. The character art looks great, but some of the backgrounds and UI elements feel cheap and overdone.

Each character goes through significant development throughout the story, with potential tearjerkers. So, if you're looking for a dating experience that has themes that are more intense and has some possible bad endings, Nameless is a title you may want to get.

Rating: We'd rate Nameless with 8.5/10. You can play Nameless on Windows or MacOS via a Steam client.

Perfect for: Players who also have an interest in dolls or figurines

The Men of Yoshiwara: Kikuya

Genre: Josei, Modern
Type: Visual Novel

On an island where men populate the pleasure district, women flock to this place for a night with a man of their choice. Who will you choose?

The game has an interesting storyline that shakes up the usual situation, but as a result makes the content much more mature and sexual. I don’t recommend playing this game at work. The quality of the story is mediocre at best, but the art is undeniably beautiful and well done.

When it comes to dating the characters, they are diverse and offer different stories, but the protagonist, despite your choices, often lacks in common sense. Still, each route is peppered with racy situations that’ll get your heart beating.

Rating: We would rate this game 7/10. The Men of Yoshiwara: Kikuya is available on Windows via Steam and Playstation Vita.

Perfect for: Players who like playboys and want naughtier dialogue


Genre: Fantasy
Type: Visual Novel

Everyone is familiar with the world of Oz, but sometimes a girl doesn't want to go home. Transported to a fairytale world, a girl finds herself under the protection of a mafia called Oz.

art is quite beautifully done

OZMAFIA!! is one of the newest dating games released this year, with 12 routes with more than 20 possible endings. The art is quite beautifully done and fits the fairytale theme of the game, and the characters, who are all based on fairytale personas, each promise different stories per route.

However, this game also has storylines that feature questionable themes such as drugs and issues of consent, so if that makes you uncomfortable you might want to try a different game first.

It also lacks an indicator for tracking your progress with characters, so that can also make playing difficult.

Rating: As a game, OZMAFIA!! is well done, even if it could be improved a bit more. I give it an 8.5/10. OZMAFIA!! is available on Windows via Steam.

Perfect for: Bad girls

Halloween Otome

Genre: Modern
Type: Visual Novel

After winning an invite to the exclusive Annual Valdemar Halloween Extravaganza, you find yourself teamed up with three handsome guys to win this year’s event.

too many routes and the stories aren't too complex

Halloween Otome has three characters you can date and nine endings. Although the gameplay is shorter than other games on this list at around 2-10 hours, it features optional mini-games as well as a CG gallery.

If you’ve never actually played dating games before, this is a grand way to ease yourself into the genre, as there aren’t too many routes and the stories aren't too complex. However, it may leave you wanting for more.

Rating: Given the quality of the game, I’d rate it as 6/10, but it’s completely free to download. You can play Halloween Otome on Windows, Linux, or MacOS.

Perfect for: Anyone who wants to start playing dating sims with a free game

Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~

Genre: Steampunk, Dystopia
Type: Visual Novel

Code: Realize Guardian of Rebirth - PlayStation Vita

You play as the lonely Cardia, a girl who lives alone at the edge of London because her skin is poisonous. One touch rots and destroys, making her a monster in the eyes of the locals. But as she's about to be caught by the queen’s men, a thief breaks in and helps her escape!

From the get-go, Code:Realize has a beautiful steampunk aesthetic and presents characters pulled from famous literary works. Like most of the games here, the art is superb, and the UI feels clean and polished.

Although the characters tend to fall into predictable archetypes (with five dating routes to follow), each course presents a different path with its own merits. Cardia as a protagonist is likable and fights against the trope of the defenseless, helpless girl who needs saving all the time. The story is fairly well developed but can be a bit confusing at times.

Rating: With great art, a good story, and fairly interesting characters, our rating for Code:Realize is 9/10. Code:Realize is available to play on PlayStation Vita.

Perfect for: Players who like steampunk and don’t mind historical inaccuracy

Hatoful Boyfriend

Genre: High School, Comedy
Type: Visual Novel

You're an incoming sophomore at St. PigeoNation's Institute, a school exclusive for only the most talented birds, and you're the only human student. Can you find love in a school full of feathers?

dating birds is ridiculous

Don’t let the art fool you; in Hatoful Boyfriend, these boys are a flock of different types of birds. The game has nine character routes to follow and many fantastical endings. If you think dating birds is ridiculous, it is, and that's the main draw of this game. You have no idea what to expect, and it's a lot of fun seeing where your text choices and stat allocation takes you.

The drawback is that the story often gets lost in its own craziness, and the scenarios can be fairly short, so this isn’t the game for you if you want an intricate, serious, or longer experience. The game also recently came out with a new horror DLC, so Hatoful Boyfriend is something of a wildcard for a dating game.

Rating: Our rating for Hatoful Boyfriend is 7/10. You can play Hatoful Boyfriend on Windows, MacOS, Linux, Playstation 4, and Playstation Vita.

Perfect for: Players who would want to know how to date birds and to see a unique story unfold

Fire Emblem: Awakening

Genre: Fantasy
Type: sRPG

Fire Emblem: Awakening

You wake up with no memory, except for the skill of strategy. Together with the Prince and his army, you fight to bring peace to the country.

Unlike most of the games mentioned before, Fire Emblem: Awakening is a strategy RPG first and a dating game second.

The story has multiple chapters and is well-crafted. Gameplay is mostly in the form of tactical battles, and you build relationships with other characters by fighting side by side. Much of the story revolves around the people you recruit into your army.

The game has a lot of characters, and while it may be overwhelming at times, you can pair these other characters with each other, and not just your main character. You also get to see how these relationships unfold in short dialogue scenes. This game is perfect for you if you’re looking for an experience that has dating elements rather than a game that’s completely about romance.

Rating: We’d rate Fire Emblem: Awakening as a solid 9/10, but I’ll only give it 8/10 because it’s not as available as the other games on this list. You can play Fire Emblem: Awakening on any Nintendo 3DS handheld.

Perfect for: Players who want to play matchmaker instead of actually dating the characters

What’s your type?

You have quite a different number of choices when it comes to RPG dating games, and it’s hard to decide which game to try out next.

Keep in mind that it may get quite repetitive since you’re dealing with games that rely heavily on archetypes when it comes to characters.

You’ll usually find one sweet guy, one aggressive character, an insouciant one and sometimes even a slightly abusive boy within the dating options.

Another feature of these games is that you can usually just date or romance one character. Showing interest in any other boy or love interest can cause you to get weak or bad endings.

Rarely do you get to see games like these allow you to get all the boys. But, there are some out there, if you know where to look.

Just like actual dating, isn't it?

Your next favorite might be on this list or hidden elsewhere on the internet. But even after reading this article, the only way you’ll find out if you like something is to give it a chance!