Best Escape Room Board Games: Solve The Puzzles And Exit!


Looking to have a blast with friends and family? Try our recommended escape room board games for a fun game night! These thrilling games bring people together for an unforgettable cooperative experience. Perfect for game nights, birthdays, or even as holiday gifts. With various themes and storylines, players must work together to solve puzzles, decode clues, and beat the clock for victory. From Tudor Mansion to Starline Express, there’s a game for everyone. The best escape room games test your communication skills, creativity, logic, and attention to detail. So gather your crew, crank up the music and let the fun begin! Keep reading for our top picks.

πŸ† Our Choice Recommendation:

Spin Master Escape Room Version 3 Board Game, for Adults and Kids Ages 16 and up (20130825)
2,192 Reviews
Spin Master Escape Room Version 3 Board Game, for Adults and Kids Ages 16 and up (20130825)
  • 60-MINUTE GAME TIME: Players have exactly 60 minutes to complete each fast-moving adventure! Includes ntroduction...
  • CHRONO DECODER INCLUDED: The Chrono Decoder counts down each adventure! Enter the correct keys into the Chrono...
  • TEAMWORK FOR THE WIN: It’s going to take good communication, ingenuity, creativity, logic and attention to detail...

***OUR TOP PICK: Our top choice for an escape room board game is Escape Room Version 3 Board Game . The 60-minute game time adds urgency to gameplay, while teamwork and communication are crucial for solving puzzles and escaping. With 19 mental and physical puzzles, The Werewolf Experiment is also worth considering. However, Escape Room Version 3 is superior due to its inclusion of a Chrono Decoder and three different stories for added replayability. It’s perfect for family game nights, dinners, holidays, and any time you crave fun and engaging entertainment. For more detailed reviews, see below.

πŸ… Best By Category:

MOST ADVANCED FEATURES: Star Wars UNLOCK! The Escape Game | Room Games for Adults and Kids | Mystery Games for Family Night | Ages 10 and up | 1-6 Players | Average Playtime 1 Hour | Made by Space Cowboys  – With its use of the companion app, three unique Star Wars adventures, and challenging puzzles, this game offers the most advanced features.

GREAT VALUE: EXIT: The Game 3-Pack Escape Room Bundle  – With three different scenarios included in this bundle and a playing time of 1-2 hours per game, it offers great value for its price.

BETTER FOR BEGINNERS: Escape Room Version 3 Board Game  – The clear instructions and quick start make it a great option for beginners, while still providing a fun and challenging experience for all ages.

How We Are Rating These Products:

1) πŸ•°οΈ TIME LIMIT: Players have limited time to escape, creating a sense of urgency and adding pressure to the gameplay.
2) 🀝 TEAMWORK AND COMMUNICATION: Players must work together and communicate effectively to solve puzzles and escape.
3) πŸ” PUZZLE SOLVING: Games involve a variety of mental and physical puzzles, testing players’ problem-solving skills.
4) βš–οΈ DIFFICULTY LEVEL: Games are evaluated based on their level of challenge, ranging from beginner to advanced difficulty.
5) 🎭 IMMERSION AND STORYLINE: Games have unique themes and storylines that create an immersive experience for players. Evaluation is based on the level of detail and creativity in the game’s design.

Love escape rooms? Then you’re in for a treat with these board games. But before we get started, here’s what you need to know. Teamwork is everything. These games demand quick thinking, communication, and problem-solving skills to conquer each adventure. And time is of the essence – most games have a 60-minute limit. You’ll need to gather clues and master puzzles to crack the case or make your daring escape. Oh, and don’t forget about batteries or any extra items required for play. Lastly, consider the number of players and age range suitable for each game. Whether it’s family fun or hosting a game night with friends, these board games guarantee an exhilarating experience that everyone will love!

Additional Criteria:

  • Game Time – The amount of time players have to complete the game
  • Difficulty Level – The level of skill required to solve the puzzles and complete the game
  • Number of Players – The minimum and maximum number of players allowed to play the game
  • Co-operative vs Competitive – Whether the game is a co-operative team effort or a competitive individual experience
  • Narrative – The story or theme underlying the game
  • Puzzle Types – The types of mental or physical puzzles included in the game

Option #1. Escape Room Version 3 Board Game

Spin Master Escape Room Version 3 Board Game, for Adults and Kids Ages 16 and up (20130825)

Game Time: 60-minute adventures
Difficulty Level: Logic, creativity, attention
Number of Players: 3+
Co-operative vs Competitive: Co-operative team effort
Narrative: Three unique adventures
Puzzle Types: Clues, coded messages

Are you in the market for an exhilarating and stimulating game night experience? Look no further than the Escape Room Version 3 Board Game ! This riveting game includes four unique storylines, such as Panic on the Titanic, Alice in Wonderland, Dawn of the Zombies, and the introductory game, The Basement. Participants are given 60 minutes to decipher each adventure’s codes and puzzles successfully, all while the Chrono Decoder ominously counts down each game. This game brings out the best in players by requiring rare skills such as ingenuity, communication, creativity, logic, and attention to detail. Although the Chrono Decoder can be a bit corny and irritating, that won’t stop you from having an incredible time with your closest acquaintances.


Option #2. Clue Treachery at Tudor Mansion

Clue Board Game Treachery at Tudor Mansion, Clue Escape Room Game, Murder Mystery Games, Cooperative Family Board Game, Ages 10 and up, 1-6 Players

Game Time: N/A
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Number of Players: 1-6
Co-operative vs Competitive: Co-operative
Narrative: Murder Mystery
Puzzle Types: Deduction, Escape Room

Clue Treachery at Tudor Mansion  is an engaging puzzle and deduction game that provides a fresh twist on the well-known Clue game. With the ability to accommodate 1-6 players and a dynamic game board, participants have to collaborate in order to unravel the enigma prior to the arrival of the detectives. The game provides exceptional production value with impeccable theming, granting gamers a theatrical experience. Nonetheless, as a one-time event game, the expenditure might not suit everyone. The game mechanics are uncomplicated and ideally suited for beginners or a family game night. Though it may necessitate some practice to fully understand. All things considered, this game is perfect for aficionados of stimulating mystery games and makes an excellent gift for families who enjoy using wholesome and unique indoor activities to bond.


Option #3. Escape Room in a Box The Werewolf Experiment

Mattel Games Escape Room in a Box Game the Werewolf Experiment, Mystery with Physical Puzzles, Paper Puzzles & Real Locks [Amazon Exclusive]

Game Time: 1 hour limit
Difficulty Level: Mental and physical puzzles
Number of Players: 2-8 players
Co-operative vs Competitive: Co-operative
Narrative: Escape from mad scientist
Puzzle Types: 2D and 3D puzzles

Escape Room in a Box The Werewolf Experiment  is a thrilling game of cooperation that will test your cognitive and physical abilities with 19 brain-teasing and active challenges that must be finished within one hour. The game comprises two locked boxes, one secured jar, brain teasers on paper, physical puzzles, a book with clues, an answer guide, and other trinkets. You can even integrate with Amazon Alexa to augment gameplay, and the game’s distinct plot will ramp up the excitement levels: a crazy scientist is attempting to transform you into werewolves! Although this game can be enjoyed with only two players, certain hurdles might consume a significant amount of time to tackle all. Do note that the game provides a high replayability factor, and although pencils and paper can be helpful, there is an option to write on the provided materials. Despite some disadvantages, Escape Room in a Box The Werewolf Experiment guarantees to be a sterling addition for your gaming nights, especially for groups of 2-8 players, irrespective of their size.


Option #4. EXIT: The Game 3-Pack Escape Room Bundle

EXIT: The Game 3-Pack Escape Room Bundle | Season 1 | Abandoned Cabin | Pharaoh's Tomb | Secret Lab | Family-Friendly, Cooperative Game | 1 to 4 Players, Ages 12+ | Kennerspiel Des Jahres Award Winner

Game Time: 1-2 hours
Difficulty Level: Award-winning puzzle challenge
Number of Players: 1-4 players
Co-operative vs Competitive: Co-operative team effort
Narrative: Three different escape rooms
Puzzle Types: Riddles and puzzles

If you’re yearning for an escape room experience but don’t feel like leaving your house, look no further than the EXIT: The Game 3-Pack Escape Room Bundle . Within the bundle are three celebrated titles, each providing an impressive 1-2 hours of gameplay for 1-4 players. In spite of being exciting and demanding, a few of the head-scratchers might induce weariness. Nevertheless, the product’s quality is extraordinary, containing expertly printed materials and immersive plots. It’s important to note that after a single use, the games can’t be reused. All in all, if you’re a fan of puzzles and aren’t peeved by seeking out a few clues, this bundle offers tremendous value and countless hours of captivating entertainment.



Escape room board games offer an exhilarating and immersive experience, perfect for game nights, family outings, or any occasion where you crave excitement. These games demand teamwork, strategy, and problem-solving skills as players are challenged with a series of mental and physical puzzles. They provide a thrilling alternative to traditional board games that can be enjoyed by all ages. When playing these games, remember to communicate effectively with your team, pay attention to details, and unleash your creative thinking. So gather your friends and family, choose an escape room game, and prepare for an unforgettable adventure. Thank you for your time and attention – let the escapades begin!

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