Best Escape Room Board Games: Tabletop Puzzle Rooms

Get hold of the best puzzle trap room tabletop games in our top escape room boardgames list.

Our Best Escape Room Games Recommendation

ThinkFun Escape the Room Stargazer's Manor - An Escape Room Experience in a Box For Age 10 and Up
2,463 Reviews
ThinkFun Escape the Room Stargazer's Manor - An Escape Room Experience in a Box For Age 10 and Up
  • Trusted by Families Worldwide - With over 50 million sold, ThinkFun is the world's leader in brain and logic games.
  • Develops critical skills – Gameplay provides a stealth learning experience, where players learn critical...
  • What you get - Contains a scene card, 5 sealed envelopes which contain secret items, a solution wheel and an...

Escape Room Board Games #1: Unlock! The Formula

Asmodee Unlock! The Formula

Unlock! The Formula  allows players to work through a deck of sixty cards to solve the mystery of the escape room. This game comes with a free compatible app that helps players keep track of their progress throughout the game.


  • This board game comes with a simple and quick tutorial to help learn how to play.
  • This choice is a cooperative six-player game perfect for family game night.


  • The puzzles are convoluted and difficult to solve.
  • The app for this board game may not always work correctly.

Escape Room Board Games #2: Exit: The Abandoned Cabin

Exit: The Abandoned Cabin | Exit: The Game - A Kosmos Game | Kennerspiel Des Jahres Winner | Family-Friendly, Card-Based at-Home Escape Room Experience for 1 to 4 Players, Ages 12+

Exit: The Abandoned Cabin  is a great small-scale escape room game for one to four players. This best escape room game can be enjoyed by children twelve and up, but it’s also fun for adults who like to get into the spirit of the escape room, too.


  • There are many different other best escape room games aside from The Abandoned Cabin that can be purchased separately.
  • Many people believe The Abandoned Cabin is the best of the games from this company.


  • The game can only be played once since the game materials are destroyed in the process of playing.
  • Many customers find the solutions too difficult or obscure.

Escape Room Board Games #3: Escape the Room Stargazer’s Manor

ThinkFun Escape the Room Stargazer's Manor - An Escape Room Experience in a Box For Age 10 and Up

Escape the Room Stargazer’s Mirror  is good for children ten and up as well as adults, so it’s a great pick for younger kids in the family than some of the others listed here. This escape room game comes with all the materials you need to complete the escape room puzzle.


  • This offer is one of the more popular escape room board games on our list.
  • This escape room game is simple enough that even a group of kids with no adults can solve it in time.


  • Adults playing with no kids may find this game a little too easy.
  • There is no replay value in this escape room game.

Escape Room Board Games #4: Jumanji Escape Room The Game

Jumanji Escape Room Game

If you or your family are fans of Jumanji, then be sure to try Jumanji Escape Room The Game . This fun board game includes two different escape room game best escape room games, each of which takes about an hour to work through. The game is good for kids and adults to play together.


  • This escape room game is easy for kids to understand.
  • Even more experienced escape room players can find something fun to do in this game.


  • The decoder piece for this escape room game may not work on arrival.
  • The game doesn’t have enough activities for groups larger than about four people.

Escape Room Board Games #5: Escape Room in a Box: The Werewolf Experiment

ESCAPE ROOM IN A BOX The Werewolf Experiment

Escape Room in a Box: The Werewolf Experiment  is a popular escape room board game for two to eight players. Kids ages 13 and up can enjoy this game and adults will have fun with this one, too.


  • There are 19 puzzles involved in the solution to this game, so it takes a while and can be a fun evening family activity.
  • This escape room game can connect to Amazon Alexa for a more immersive experience.


  • Some of the plastic locks on the game pieces may arrive already broken, defeating the purpose of solving to unlock them.
  • The game can only be played once.

Escape Room Board Games #6: Escape Room The Game

Escape Room The Game with 3 Thrilling Escape Rooms to Play, for Ages 16 and Up (Edition May Vary)

Escape Room The Game  comes with three different scenarios in one box, so you don’t have to worry about only being able to play it once. This escape room game teaches kids (and adults!) to think logically and strategically and to solve complicated puzzles in unique and creative ways.


  • This is a great game for older teens and is recommended for ages 16 and up.
  • The game can be played with three to five players.


  • The included decoder may break easily or arrive broken.
  • The game pieces are a bit low quality in their construction and can become damaged or broken easily with regular gameplay.

Escape Room Board Games #7: Room 25 Escape Room

Room 25 Escape Room is an expansion pack that can only be used with the Room 25 base game. If you already own the base game or you’re looking for an expansion pack you can purchase along with Room 25, this is a great best escape room game that can provide more methods and styles of play.


  • This expansion can be enjoyed as a solo game or with up to eight players depending on your needs.
  • This expansion pack is great for kids as young as ten, so the younger members of the family can have fun too.


  • The game may arrive missing some of the pieces.
  • The product may arrive damaged.

Escape Room Board Games #8: Escape Room in a Box: Flashback


Escape Room in a Box: Flashback  is all about solving puzzles together as a team to unlock the mystery of the game’s story. This game comes with real combination locks as well as several other puzzle types that are part of the gameplay experience. The game is good for ages 13 and up.


  • This board game features three different path best escape room games in one box.
  • Many customers are pleased with the difficulty of this game.


  • This board game may only take an hour to complete all three paths.
  • The game can only be played once because game materials are destroyed by gameplay.

Escape Room Board Games #9: Level 7: Escape

Privateer Press Level 7: Escape Board Games

Level 7: Escape  is a horror-themed survival board game that requires teams to work together in a group of one to four players. This choice is designed to take about 45 minutes to complete and is a fun game for adults or older teens to enjoy as part of family game night.


  • Many customers report having a lot of fun with this escape room game.
  • The game has a fun “double-crosser” best escape room game that can disrupt the cooperative gameplay in unique ways.


  • The game doesn’t come with any miniatures or figures that can be used as part of the gameplay, although they would be useful.
  • The rules are confusing and difficult to follow.

Try Escape Room Board Games When You’re Stuck At Home

How challenging are these games? Are they remotely similar to a real escape room? To some people, these games are not as tough as in-person escape rooms. However, to others, they are a lot more difficult to solve because of the lack of visual assistance. This best escape room game may take you some time to learn how to work through an escape room board game, but with practice, you and your friends are sure to get the hang of it in no time. Pick up your favorite from the list above and bring home a new party game you’ll love right away!

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