11 Board Game Events in 2020 (GAMERS EVENTS GUIDE)

Are you a board game enthusiast looking for some board game events?

Do you want to find out which events are worth going to?

Are you planning to host your own board game event and want some ideas and tips?

If playing board games is your passion and you want to share in the fun with others, then board game events are the perfect setting for you. Whether you want to attend one, or whether you want to host your very own such event for the first time, we can help you today with the information we’re sharing in this article.

From details about some of the top board game events for gaming enthusiasts as well as organizers you should most definitely watch out for, we’ve got it all covered. Also, we share with you tips on things you need to keep in mind if you want to host your own event.

PLEASE NOTE: This list is not meant to compare and rank board game events against one another, but rather to give you a running checklist of FANTASTIC board game events to learn about and check out. So, stop wasting time and pay a visit to one of these awesome board game events and get your game on!

So without wasting any more time, get on to the gaming info below!

11 Fantastic Board Game Events To Check Out Across The Globe

#1: PAX (USA and Australia)

VISIT THEM HERE: https://www.paxsite.com/

Event dates

  • Seattle, WA, USA: 30th Aug – 2nd Sep 2019
  • San Antonio, TX, USA: 17th to 19th Jan 2020
  • Philadelphia, PA, USA: 6th to 8th Dec 2019
  • Melbourne, VIC, Australia: 11th to 13th Oct 2019   

What is PAX?

  • PAX showcases a collection of the best of the indie games that you may not have heard of yet and that are not yet available on any mobile platforms.
  • They showcase interesting games developed by smaller teams.
  • More than 80,000 people attended PAX East in 2017.

Why to visit:

  • Encourages game developers to speak freely
  • Special competition for top prizes including trips to Japan, trips to any PAX event in the world and so on.

#2: SaltCON (USA)

VISIT THEM HERE: https://saltcon.com

Event dates

  • SaltCON End of Summer: 30th to 31st Aug 2019 at Davis Center, Layton, UT.
  • SaltCON Spring: 5th to 8th March 2020

What is SaltCON?

  • It’s one of the largest board game conventions held annually in Utah at the Davis Layton Conference Center.
  • It brings people together for playing and enjoying different board games.
  • The event had more than 1900 attendees in 2019.

Why to visit:

  • Gaming halls open 24 hours
  • Hosts the ION Award game design competition, which is the largest board game design competition in the USA.

#3: International Table Top Day (USA)

VISIT THEM HERE: https://www.tabletopday.com/

Event dates

  • Usually happens in June.

What is International Table Top Day?

  • It is a worldwide celebration of the gaming community and the industry.
  • It’s a one day event where friends and strangers can play together.

Why to visit:

  • Can join live on YouTube and Twitch
  • Brings store owners and game lovers together

#4: Taipei Game Show (Asia)

VISIT THEM HERE: https://www.facebook.com/taipeigameshowglobal/

Event dates

  • Asia Pacific Game Summit: 6th to 7th Feb 2020
  • B2B Zone: 6th to 7th Feb 2020
  • B2C Zone: 6th to 9th Feb 2020

What is Taipei Game Show?

  • Taipei Game Show was established in 2003, and is now moving on to its 18th edition in 2020. In the 2019 edition, they had over 320,000 public visits, and that number ranked no.4 among the worldwide game event ranking.
  • The “Board Game Wonderland” in Taipei Game Show was established in 2015, and is now moving on to its 6th edition in 2020.
  • In Board Game Wonderland, you can see a wide variety of board games, from war games, RPGs, party games all the way to children’s board games. You name it and it will be there.

Why to visit:

  • Although the event is not completely focused on board games, they have been setting up a tabletop zone ever since the establishment of Board Game Wonderland for gamers to host game sessions.
  • They have invited the game designers from around the globe to join us in 2020, and it is now the go-to spot for all the game designers in the entire Asia-Pacific area.
  • It is the only international professional gaming exhibition that takes place in Taiwan.
  • Features live experience for gaming communities.
  • Attended by worldwide game publishers and media.

#5: Essen Spiel (Europe)

VISIT THEM HERE: https://www.spiel-messe.com/en/

Event dates

  • 22nd to 25th Oct 2020

What is Essen Spiel?

  • Essen Spiel is the world’s biggest consumer fair that focuses on gaming.
  • It is a one of its kind opportunity to check out, sample and test the entire international program of games.
  • It lets attendees join in at tables, witness ongoing games, participate, compete and watch interesting demonstrations.
  • The 2019 event saw a record attendance of 209,000 visitors.

Why to visit:

  • Games for everyone on display, including family games, adventure and fantasy games, strategy games, adult games, kids’ games, sci-fi games and more.
  • Includes new and classic games.

#6: SHUX (Canada)

VISIT THEM HERE: http://shux.show

Event dates

  • Oct. 16-18, 2020

What is SHUX?

  1. SHUX stands for The Shut Up & Sit Down Board Game Convention.
  2. It features the very best of board games and encourages the board game culture.
  3. It has more open gaming than any other event in Canada.

Why to visit:

  • Massive social games
  • Stage performances
  • Exhibition hall with over 50 publishers
  • 1,500+ Title Game Library
  • More open gaming than any other show in Canada
  • Dozens of special guest board game celebrities and designers

#7: BorderCon (Australia)

VISIT THEM HERE: https://www.borderconalburywodonga.com/

Event dates

  • Each year in June

What is BorderCon?

  • BorderCon is a gaming event that aims to showcase various Strategy TableTop and Designer Games from around the world.
  • It gives you access to thousands of games and lets you meet hundreds of fellow gamers.
  • You can also access the Looking for Games (LFG) Library and buy your favourite games from onsite retailers.
  • The event limits the number of attendees to 200 each year.

Why to visit:

  • 4 days of amazing gaming
  • Gluten-free food options

#8: Diversao Offline (South America)

VISIT THEM HERE: https://diversaooffline.com.br

Event dates

  • During April

What is DiverSao Offline?

  • This board game event has a free play area, an exhibitor area, a lecture area and a prototype area.
  • It has received multiple awards over the years.
  • About 5,000 people attend the event.

Why to visit:

  • Largest meeting point for brands in table game segment.
  • Seminars and lectures on games.

#9: UK Games Expo (Europe)

VISIT THEM HERE: https://www.ukgamesexpo.co.uk/

Event dates

  • 29th – 31st May 2020

What is UK Games Expo?

  • It is one of the biggest and best premier hobby games event in the UK.
  • It appeals to families and friends alike.
  • A great place for game lovers as well as the general public.

Why to visit:

  • Live events
  • Food and drink

#10: Moonlight Board Game Festival (Asia)

VISIT THEM HERE: https://www.moonlightboardgamefestival.tw/

Event dates

  • Each year in June

What is Moonlight Board Games Festival?

  • This gaming event has more than 300 of the latest board games from Taiwan and other countries.
  • It features a selection of board games such as war games, role playing games, party games, model games, strategy games, parent-child games, family games, children’s games and many more.
  • It also features new product launches, fun quizzes, stage performances, signature meetings and more.

Why to visit:

  • On-site teaching
  • Family-friendly

#11: ENJM (South America)

VISIT THEM HERE: https://www.enjm.com.ar/

Event dates

  • 16th to 18th Nov

What is ENJM?

  • It’s a national meeting of table top games.
  • It also showcases games from different parts of the country.
  • The event features board games, miniature games, token games and more.

Why to visit:

  • Various talks and presentations
  • Huge participation from brands and schools

Your Very Own Board Game Event?

Creating or organizing your own board game event can be a fantastic way to network and connect with like-minded game enthusiasts in or around your home. Generally, board game events tend to end up like so:

  • Board game events are a type of gathering that is focused around playing board games with other gamers and board game fanatics.
  • Board game events feature different brands, retailers and attendees who participate in board game events and competitions.
  • Board game events can be large scale or small, and can be hosted by big brands, store owners, or board game lovers.

How to plan and organize your own board game event

  • For the first time, it’s always better to have a theme that will make it easier to manage the entire event and the crowd.
  • Scout through venues. Those with open spaces and access to washrooms, or restaurants nearby are usually good places to host. Book in advance.
  • Select some board games that are popular, as well as some classic and new ones. This will keep your guests happy.
  • Share about it on social media, tell friends, spread the message and personally invite people who you know are interested in playing board games.

We hope you’ll have a gala time with so much play!

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