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HABA My Very First Games - First Orchard Cooperative Game Celebrating 30 Years (Made in Germany)
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HABA My Very First Games - First Orchard Cooperative Game Celebrating 30 Years (Made in Germany)
  • A simplified variation of the classic "Orchard" game adapted to suit players ages 2+, this game has been enjoyed by...
  • Game Idea: Working as a team, the children try to pick the fruits from the trees before the raven reaches the end...
  • If the players succeed in harvesting all the fruit before the raven reaches the orchard, they win together! If the...

Whatskills does a 2-year-old need for board games?

Why arethese essential?

Is ithard to find board games 2year old children like?

Hereare some of the skills your child needs to be able to play a board game at age2:

  • Sitting up and sitting still (enough). Two-year-olds won’t be able to sit still for very long, but they should be able to pay attention through the duration of a simple and short board game. If your child can’t sit up yet, then you may need to wait a few more months before introducing board games to your toddler.
  • Listening. Your toddler should be able to listen to you, even if word recognition hasn’t developed yet. Listening to you will help your toddler understand how the game is played.
  • Following instructions. You should be able to show your toddler how to play a game and teach your child which steps to take to complete the game, too. Your child may need help with the directions, but should be able to pay attention enough to follow very basic instructions.
  • Fine motor skills. Your child will need motor skills to be able to pick up pieces, manipulate game boards, and more. Pieces for these games should not be small enough to pose a choking hazard, and are therefore big enough for little hands to play with easily.

Finding a board game for a two-year-old child isn’t too difficult, but choosing one that will hold your child’s attention may take some thought. You know your toddler best, so be sure to choose a board game that includes elements you know your child will enjoy looking at and interacting with.

In thisarticle, we’ll show you five of our favorite picks for board games intended fortwo-year-old children. These games all involve one or more of the skills listedabove and will help your child grow and develop through play.

Read onto find some of the best boardgames for 2 year olds around.

1. Bunny Bedtime

Peaceable Kingdom Bunny Bedtime The Make a Choice Game for You and Your 2 Year OldBunny Bedtime

provides a simple and sleepy way for children to develop a good bedtime routine while sharing an experience with parents, too. This game encourages toddlers to roll a big, toddler-safe dice and move the bunny along the game board. The board includes questions with two choices, so toddlers can practice decision-making. The game also helps children learn how to take turns and follow very simple rules from an early age.


  • Thisgame is an ideal choice for parents who want to work on routine and socialskills as well as emotional development in their toddlers.
  • Thisgame has large, safe pieces that toddlers can hold and manipulate on their own.


  • Thegame may be challenging for some more energetic toddlers to settle down andplay.
  • Thegame may arrive damaged in some instances.

2. Monkey Around

Peaceable Kingdom Monkey Around Game

If you have a wiggly toddler or just want to encourage more active play, try Monkey Around. This fun and cute game is designed specifically with two-year-olds in mind and encourages motor skills and coordination at this age.


  • Thisgame comes with a banana-shaped soft bean bag toy that’s part of the game andadds a lot to the fun and excitement toddlers will have when playing it.
  • Thegame is great for bonding with your child and teaching learned behaviors.


  • Thegame may be a little too hard for some two-year-olds.
  • Theboard part of the game may break easily.

3. Hungry as a Bear

HABA My Very First Games - Hungry as a Bear - A Memory & Dexterity Game for Ages 2 and Up

For an easy memory game that will help your child learn recognition through repetition, try Hungry as a Bear. To play, simply roll the dice, then use the plastic spoon to pick up the food that matches the picture on the top of the dice. This game encourages motor skills, dexterity, and identification.


  • Thisgame can be played in three different styles which encourage different skillsdepending on the style.
  • Upto three players can join in the fun.


  • Thespoon may be difficult for some children to hold.
  • Toddlersmay get bored with this game over time.

4. Magnetic Wooden Fishing Game

CozyBomB Magnetic Wooden Fishing Game Toy for Toddlers - Alphabet Fish Catching Counting Preschool Board Games Toys for 3 4 5 Year Old Girl Boy Kids Birthday Learning Education Math with Magnet Poles

This Magnetic Wooden Fishing Game is a fun new twist on a classic game for toddlers. This game uses magnetic “fishing poles” to pick up the wooden fish toys. Younger toddlers can practice picking up any fish they like and develop motor skills, while older toddlers can pick up fish based on the alphabet letter or the color.


  • Thisgame is painted with non-toxic paint and is not a health risk.
  • Thegame is easy for little ones to learn how to work with.


  • Themagnetic pieces may fall out of the fish easily, which could be a chokinghazard.
  • Thepoles may be hard for younger toddlers to pick up and hold.

5. First Orchard

HABA My Very First Games - First Orchard Cooperative Game Celebrating 30 Years (Made in Germany)First Orchard

is a simple and easy-to-follow game that’s ideal for younger toddlers. It takes about ten minutes to complete and can be played with one to four players. Players work together as a team to pick the fruit from the trees before the raven eats it.


  • Thisgame can be used to teach counting, color and shape recognition, wordrecognition, and playing nicely together.
  • Thisgame is made out of wood for the most part.


  • Somecustomers are concerned about the choking hazard involving the small fruitpieces.
  • Two-year-oldsmay not quite grasp the rules of this game just yet.


Thereare lots of great, high-quality board games on the market for children as youngas two years of age. Although it may take a little shopping around to findsomething that will work for your toddler, you can easily locate a game thatwill teach your child all the skills and abilities you want to encouragewithout being too difficult or confusing for a toddler to enjoy.

You mayfind yourself wondering whether or not something like this is really a goodinvestment for your toddler, however. Can a 2-year-old really benefit from aboard game? How? Isn’t a child this young going to have too much troublefiguring out how to play a game to get any real benefits from it? And aren’tgames going to have pieces that are too small for a toddler to be around?

Some children may not get much out of a board game, but most will learn a little bit more than you may expect. Children can pick up motor skills, problem solving, and recognition, among other early toddler skills, from playing board games.

Playing a board game along with your toddler is also a great way to encourage bonding and to have fun together. This can go double for including other members of the family as well. Although older kids may not want to play a toddler-friendly board game, you can always remind them that it won’t take long to complete the game and that playing will help them learn to get along better with their younger sibling, too.

Pickingthe right toddler board game is a great way to encourage a fun and excitingtime with your toddler every step of the way.

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