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LOOPY Adult Game for Couples - Date Night Box & Couples Gifts - Couples Games to Improve Communication and Strengthen Relationships - at Home Date Night Kit - Games for Him and Her
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LOOPY Adult Game for Couples - Date Night Box & Couples Gifts - Couples Games to Improve Communication and Strengthen Relationships - at Home Date Night Kit - Games for Him and Her
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Are there benefits for couples playing board games together?

Can board games for couples help improve a relationship?

How important is it to have fun like this as a couple regularly?

If you’re looking for a fun new way to spend time with your partner, you may want to consider going with a board game. Yes, board games may sound a little juvenile, but there are plenty of adult-themed board games on the market that can help you reignite a spark in the bedroom after the game is done.

No matter what you might be looking for in terms of your adult-themed board game,you’re sure to find it among our top picks listed in this article. We’ve compiled a group of five of our favorite adult board games so you can easily locate the one (or more than one) that will help you meet all your needs and preferences.

Take your time looking through these board games and checking out the individual details for each one. Some include certain elements that others don’t, so it’s important to brush up on which ones are which before you make your final decision.

Discover some of the best board games for couples in our list below.

1. Monogamy Adult Couples Board Game

Creative Conceptions Monogamy Adult Couples Board Game

Monogamy Adult Couples Board Game  helps couples learn more about each other in the bedroom and out of it. The game includes a lot of cards with unique ideas for what to do with each other, ranging from fairly innocent to sexy and romantic.


  • This 2-player board game play product is easy to learn and to begin playing almost right out of the box.
  • Manycouples report having a lot of fun and spicing up their sex lives with thisgame.


  • Thecards may include things that many couples wouldn’t be into, such as sexualactivities in public.
  • This 2-player board game play product takes a while to get through.

2. Fog of Love Board Game

Hush Hush Projects Fog of Love Board Game Male-Female Cover Multicolor

Fog of Love Board Game  is not designed to be a sex game, but is more about reconnecting personally with your partner. In this game, both players take on the role of a different person with unique traits. These traits then help them progress through the game.


  • This is a unique 2-player board game play product that’s more involved than many on our list.
  • The game pieces are very high quality.


  • This 2-player board game play product is very complicated and may take a long time to learn.
  • The scenarios may be a little dull and boring to some couples.

3. Loopy

LOOPY Adult Game for Couples - Date Night Box & Couples Gifts - Couples Games to Improve Communication and Strengthen Relationships - at Home Date Night Kit - Games for Him and Her

Loopy is designed to get you laughing and having fun  while being flirty and sexy at the same time. The game includes a spinner and cards that are used to progress across the board, and the directions are quick and easy enough that you can jump right into the fun without having to do a lot of complicated reading first.


  • This couples board game comes with a satin blindfold to help make things even more exciting if you’re looking for some additional spice.
  • This 2-player board game play product also helps discover new interests—both in the bedroom and not—that you and your partner may not have shared.


  • Somecustomers feel the cards aren’t varied enough.
  • Somecards may be too specific to male or female partners and can’t be shared.

4. The Kama Sutra Board Game

The Kama Sutra Board Game

Try The Kama Sutra Board Game  if you’re looking for ways to spice up your sex life with your partner by more than just a little foreplay. This game includes ways to encourage you and your partner to connect more deeply with each other before you move on to the physical intimacy part of the game. This board game has a lot of replay value, since each experience will encourage you and your partner to get creative and try something new each time. Whether you’re looking for something quick to get you both in the mood or you want a long and romantic date night experience, this board game is sure to help.


  • This 2-player board game play product helps couples communicate honestly with each other about what they want in their relationship.
  • The couples board game product can also help couples be more bold and outspoken about what they like in terms of physical intimacy.


  • Couples who are already very bold in the bedroom may find this game a little too boring or lacking in creative ideas for their sex lives.
  • This 2-player board game play product may move too slowly for some couples who are looking for something to help them dive into their romantic night together more quickly.

5. The Discovery Game: Board Game for a Married Couple

The discovery Game - Adult Couple Gift - Date Night in a Box - Better Than a Card Game - Board Game for Married Couples

The Discovery Game: Board Game for a Married Couple  encourages players to get to know each other all over again. It touts itself as being capable of rekindling those old first date feelings with someone you’ve been with for a long time. Best of all, the game was put together with the psychology of couples in mind, so it’s sure to help you find a spark that might be a little less easy to see than it was when you first got together.


  • This 2-player board game play product seamlessly blends innocent board game fun with more intimate bedroom funand encourages players to get creative about what they want from their partner.
  • This couples board game product helps players learn to talk to each other more openly while also givingthem a chance to have fun together.


  • Some customers dislike the religious scriptures that are included in a pamphlet that comes with the game, although the pamphlet is not required to play the game.
  • Some customers feel like this 2-player board game play product takes too long to setup, especially when the end goal is to get in the mood and be intimate.


Were you able to find something that sounds exciting for you and your partner next time date night rolls around? Stay in, have some wine, and enjoy an adult board game with the love of your life. You may be surprised at just how much fun the two of you can have while you’re playing one of these 2-player board game play product together.

But are there any downsides to playing a board game with your romantic partner? Can board games ever cause unwanted tension between couples?

Sometimes,playing board games one-on-one can lead to some serious competition that you might not have expected from your partner. However, if you stick to these flirty and fun adult games, you shouldn’t have that problem. And even if you do choose a more traditional 2-player board game play product sometimes, your partner’s competitive side(or your own) doesn’t have to ruin date night. Just work together to learn howto keep it in check, and you should be okay.

Hereare a few tips to keep your board games lighthearted, fun, and positive:

  • Remember these games are just for fun. In the end, you’ll both have a good time no matter who wins.
  • Stick to flirty games if you want something everyone can benefit from—and if you want a traditional board game instead, choose a co-op option.
  • Make sure there is some kind of a reward for both of you.

With these suggestions in mind, it’s time to pick your favorite from our list above and get started playing!

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