Rent Board Games: 7 Places to Rent and Save


In this article, we’ll show you seven places where you can rent board games instead of worrying about buying them. These stores are available in many different locations and can easily help you find just what you’re looking for.

You can rent just about any kind of board game from a service like this, although the catalogs may differ depending on the store or company you work with. No matter which you choose, however, the process is simple and straightforward enough that you’ll want to rent games again and again.

Read on to find out about board games for rent in your area!

Option #1: Board Game Exchange


Some games available: Pandemic, Spirits of the Rice Paddy, Relic

Location: Board Game Exchange is located in Charlotte, North Carolina, but conducts business online/through the mail.

How to rent: Sign up for a paid account with Board Game Exchange and choose the game or games you want to rent. Games can be kept for up to two months at a time, and shipping is free in both directions. Subscriptions can include four, eight, or twelve games every two months depending on your needs.

Any other details: You must contact Board Game Exchange via email to let them know when you’re sending back a game you’ve finished using. You must use FedEx to handle shipping.

Option #2: Isle of Gamers


Some games available: Machi Koro, Apples to Apples, Five Tribes, Jaipur

Location: Santa Clara, California

How to rent: Rental from Isle of Gamers is only available in person at the store’s location. The only games that can be rented are those with a “demo” sticker on the box. Games can only be rented for 3 days. The price per rental is 25% the manufacturer’s price of the game.

Any other details: Customers are charged a late fee if the game is not returned during the three-day window. If games are too damaged or are missing pieces on return, customers must pay the full price of the game.

Option #3: Tubby and Coos


Some games available: Between Two Cities, Honshu, Pirates vs. Dinosaurs, Unearth

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

How to rent: Tubby and Coos offers game rental at the cost of one dollar per day, for up to seven days. Games may not be kept for longer than seven days. Customers must keep their credit card information on hand and will be charged the full price of the game if it isn’t returned on time. This rental service is only available locally.

Any other details: Games must be returned in exactly the same condition as they were when they were rented out. The store also offers a board game club subscription.

Option #4: Just Games


Some games available: Sapiens, Age of Mythology, Pictionary, Fact or Crap, Clue

Location: Rochester, New York

How to rent: Board games can be rented from Just Games for as little as five dollars, depending on the game in question. Games can be kept for up to four days, and if they are returned on time, customers can get a discount toward a purchase of the same game in new condition as well. This rental service is only available locally.

Any other details: Customers can purchase the used game if they decide to keep it. The store adds new board games to their rental selection every week.

Option #5: All About Games


Some games available: 20 Express, Forbidden Island, Ticket to Ride

Location: Boise, Idaho

How to rent: All About Games offers local game rentals only. Games can be rented for three dollars a night or for eight dollars for a whole week. Games should be returned in the same condition they were when they were checked out in order to avoid any fees for damages caused. This store is always adding new games, so locals can check back frequently to find more exciting options.

Any other details: The store offers a board game night every Tuesday night so customers can play games and try them out on-site without having to pay the rental fees if preferred.

Option #6: Comics and Collectibles


Some games available: BAMF! does not offer an online catalog for board game rentals since the selection changes monthly.

Location: Maitland, Florida

How to rent: Customers can rent a game in the store by paying a flat rental rate. The game cannot leave the store if this method is used. Customers can also pay to take a game home for two nights; in this situation, the cost depends on the price of the game itself. Finally, customers can sign up for a membership that allows rentals for one dollar per day regardless of the game.

Any other details: This store adds new games each month so there’s always something exciting to pick.

Option #7: Tiki Tiki Board Games


Some games available: Azul, Ill-Tempered Tikis, Boggle, Fluxx

Location: Woodbury, New Jersey

How to rent: Games can be rented and played in-store for free as often as needed. Customers can also sign up to become members of the Luau Club, which allows rentals of one or two games at a time, depending on the membership tier selected. This membership also allows discounts on purchased games.

Any other details: This store strives to add at least ten new games to the rental catalog each month so customers never run out of games to play. If games are not returned, customers will be charged full price.

Renting Board Games – All the Fun at Half the Cost

Are you ready to rent some board games? There are a lot of places where you can easily rent board games if you’re interested, and there are many situations in which this might be a good solution for you, too. Here are a few reasons why you might be interested in renting instead of buying board games:

  • You don’t have to worry about storage. If you live in a small apartment or just don’t have enough room to devote to board games, you don’t have to be concerned about this when you rent instead.
  • It’s cheaper. Renting a game for a night or a weekend is much more affordable than buying one you may not ever play again.
  • You can always find the perfect game for any upcoming event. If you’re planning a party or looking for a game for a themed night of fun with friends and family, you can rent the perfect game without having to worry about searching everywhere and buying it instead. And when you’re done, you can just return it!

Of course, you might have your own reason for wanting to rent a board game, too. No matter what has inspired you to search for board game rental options, choose one of the locations in our list above to help you find just what you’re looking for every time. And if you don’t live in any of these areas, don’t be afraid to call some comic and game stores in your area to ask about rental programs they may have as well!

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