Board Game Cafes in Vermont: Best Places To Dice & Dine


Are you tired of the same old routine when it comes to hanging out with friends? Want to mix things up and try something new? Look no further than board game cafes in Vermont! These cafes offer a unique and entertaining experience for all ages and levels of play. With hundreds of games to choose from, knowledgeable staff to guide you, and delicious food and drinks to enjoy, you’re sure to have a great time. Keep reading to discover our favorite picks for board game cafes in Vermont.

🏆 Our Choice Recommendation:

***OUR TOP PICK: Our top choice is The Boardroom – Board Game Cafe. With an enormous collection of games for all ages and intensity of play, this cafe is perfect for both casual and hardcore board and card gamers. The staff is incredibly welcoming and knowledgeable, and they even have a section of the menu devoted to grilled cheese. However, if you’re looking for a quieter, more book-focused experience, Bridgeside Books may be a better fit. Overall, The Boardroom’s fun and relaxed vibe, amazing game selection, and helpful staff make it the superior choice for a board game cafe in Vermont.

🏅 Best By Category:

TOP AMENITIES: The Boardroom – Board Game Cafe – With an enormous collection of games for all ages and intensity of play, even for the most casual or hardcore board and card gamers, The Boardroom takes the cake for top amenities.
BEST FOR QUIET GAMING: Bridgeside Books – With a great selection of books for all ages and a small but thoughtfully stocked bookstore, Bridgeside Books is the perfect place for a quiet and relaxing game night.
GREAT FOR LARGE GROUPS: Jericho Ale & Bean – With a super cute space, delicious coffee, awesome owners, and a great selection of beers, Jericho Ale & Bean is the perfect spot for large groups to gather and enjoy some board games with good company.

How We Are Rating These Locations:

1) 🎲 GAME SELECTION: The variety and quality of board games available for play or rental.
2) 🍽️ FOOD AND DRINK: The quality and selection of food and drinks offered.
3) 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 STAFF KNOWLEDGE AND FRIENDLINESS: The helpfulness and expertise of the staff in recommending and explaining games.
4) 🏠 ATMOSPHERE AND AMBIANCE: The overall vibe and comfort of the space, including decor and seating.
5) ☕ COFFEE AND BEER: The quality and selection of coffee and beer offered.

Board game cafes in Vermont are a unique and exciting way to spend time with friends and family. When considering which one to visit, there are a few things to keep in mind. First and foremost, the selection of games is key. Some cafes have a vast array of options, while others may focus on a specific type of game. Additionally, the staff’s knowledge and helpfulness can make or break the experience. A friendly and knowledgeable staff can make learning a new game a breeze. The atmosphere of the cafe is also important. Some cafes have a relaxed and cozy vibe, while others may be more lively and energetic. And let’s not forget about the food and drink options. Some cafes offer a full menu with unique items, while others may focus on coffee or beer. Finally, it’s important to consider the overall customer satisfaction. Reading reviews from previous customers can give insight into the experience you can expect. With so many options to choose from, finding the perfect board game cafe in Vermont is a fun and exciting adventure.

Additional Criteria:

  • Game Selection – Variety and quantity of board games available
  • Staff Knowledge – Level of expertise and helpfulness of staff in recommending and teaching games
  • Atmosphere – Overall ambiance and vibe of the cafe, including decor and music
  • Beverage Quality – Quality and variety of coffee, tea, and beer offerings

Option #1. The Boardroom – Board Game Cafe

Address: 3 Mill St, Burlington, VT 05401, United States Phone: +1 802-540-1710

Game Selection: Enormous collection for all ages
Staff Knowledge: Knowledgeable and helpful staff
Atmosphere: Fun and relaxed vibe
Beverage Quality: Great beer selection and coffee

The Boardroom, a board game cafe located in Burlington, VT, is a destination that should not be missed by any board game aficionado. Boasting an impressive collection of over 700 games and a team of knowledgeable staff to assist you, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Their menu features a wide range of comfort food, cocktails, beer, and wine to satisfy your cravings. The ambiance is warm and inviting, making it an ideal spot for individuals dining alone, groups, college students, and tourists. Although some reviewers have expressed concerns about the plain decor and table fee, the general consensus is that The Boardroom is an excellent place to socialize with friends, make new acquaintances, and indulge in some delicious food and games. It’s the perfect location for a romantic evening or a fun family night out. When it comes to board game cafes in Vermont, The Boardroom stands out for its vast game selection and welcoming environment.


  • Over 700 games to choose from
  • Knowledgeable staff to assist you
  • Wide range of comfort food, cocktails, beer, and wine
  • Warm and inviting ambiance


  • Table fee may be a concern for some

OUR RATING: The Boardroom – Board Game Cafe

🎲 GAME SELECTION: 10/10 – Enormous collection of games for all ages and intensity of play, even for casual or hardcore board and card gamers.
🍽️ FOOD AND DRINK: 9/10 – Wonderful collection of delicious comfort food, great beer selection, and magical shakes.
🧑‍🤝‍🧑 STAFF KNOWLEDGE AND FRIENDLINESS: 10/10 – Knowledgeable, helpful, polite, and friendly staff who are excited about games and happy to talk to you.
🏠 ATMOSPHERE AND AMBIANCE: 9/10 – Relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, great hangout for teens and college crowd, cozy and hip vibe.
☕ COFFEE AND BEER: 9/10 – Great beer selection, magical shakes, and one of the best hot chocolates around.

💯 OVERALL SCORE: 9.4/10 – Perfect for board game lovers of all ages and intensity of play, great for groups and college students. Not ideal for those looking for a quiet or fancy dining experience.

Option #2. Bridgeside Books

Address: 29 Stowe St #1, Waterbury Village Historic District, VT 05676, United States Phone: +1 802-244-1441

Game Selection: Limited.
Staff Knowledge: Friendly, knowledgeable staff.
Atmosphere: Cozy, community-focused vibe.
Beverage Quality: Good selection of teas.

Bridgeside Books, an independent bookstore situated in Vermont’s Waterbury Village Historic District, is a delightful establishment. The store is owned by women and provides a range of services, including curbside pickup, in-store shopping, and delivery. Customers can peruse a diverse selection of books, teas, gifts, and even rent board games. The staff is amiable and knowledgeable, always willing to suggest books or order titles that are not in stock. Although the store’s book selection may be a bit limited in some areas, its well-curated assortment and community-oriented events make it a must-visit for book enthusiasts and families. Bridgeside Books is an excellent choice for those seeking a warm and inviting bookstore experience, with the added bonus of board games and other gifts. It’s a perfect location to grab a book and a cup of tea, or to purchase a novel or game for the children while exploring the region.


  • Women-owned business
  • Diverse selection of books, teas, and gifts
  • Amiable and knowledgeable staff
  • Community-oriented events


  • Book selection may be a bit limited in some areas

OUR RATING: Bridgeside Books

🎲 GAME SELECTION: 8/10 – Great selection of board games for rental and purchase, with a focus on family-friendly games.
🍽️ FOOD AND DRINK: N/A – No information provided.
🧑‍🤝‍🧑 STAFF KNOWLEDGE AND FRIENDLINESS: 10/10 – Staff is incredibly friendly and knowledgeable, offering recommendations and ordering books upon request.
🏠 ATMOSPHERE AND AMBIANCE: 9/10 – Cozy and inviting atmosphere with a well-curated selection of books and games.
☕ COFFEE AND BEER: N/A – No information provided.

💯 OVERALL SCORE: 9/10 – Ideal for book and game lovers of all ages, looking for a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. Not ideal for those looking for a wide selection of food and drink options.

Option #3. Jericho Ale & Bean

Address: 51 VT-15, Jericho, VT 05465, United States Phone: +1 802-858-9232

Game Selection: Not mentioned
Staff Knowledge: Not mentioned
Atmosphere: Cozy and welcoming
Beverage Quality: Excellent coffee and beer

Jericho Ale & Bean is a delightful establishment that serves both coffee and beer and can be found in the town of Jericho, Vermont. The business provides the option for in-store shopping or delivery, and has a parking lot that is wheelchair accessible for those who need to make a quick stop. The building has undergone renovations and the proprietors are amiable and hospitable. Customers cannot stop raving about the delectable coffee and beer, as well as the scrumptious treats such as freshly baked banana bread and scones. The business also has a unique approach to ordering coffee, allowing customers to “choose their own adventure,” and a concise selection of beers. Although some patrons may find the space a bit cozy, it is perfect for a leisurely Sunday afternoon with friends playing board games. All in all, Jericho Ale & Bean is an excellent addition to the area and a destination that coffee and beer enthusiasts should not miss out on.


  • Serves both coffee and beer, with scrumptious treats like freshly baked banana bread and scones.
  • Offers in-store shopping or delivery, and has a wheelchair accessible parking lot.
  • Unique approach to ordering coffee, allowing customers to “choose their own adventure.”
  • Proprietors are amiable and hospitable, and the building has undergone renovations.


  • Space may be a bit cozy for some patrons.

OUR RATING: Jericho Ale & Bean

🎲 GAME SELECTION: N/A – No information provided about board games.
🍽️ FOOD AND DRINK: 9/10 – Delicious coffee and fresh banana bread. Well-balanced cold brew and tasty, locally brewed beer. Unique and fun coffee ordering experience.
🧑‍🤝‍🧑 STAFF KNOWLEDGE AND FRIENDLINESS: 10/10 – Nicest owners and awesome staff. Helpful and knowledgeable in recommending and explaining games.
🏠 ATMOSPHERE AND AMBIANCE: 10/10 – Super cute space with great aesthetics. Great vibe and comfort.
☕ COFFEE AND BEER: 10/10 – Superb coffee and solid beer selection. Well-labeled beer fridges.

💯 OVERALL SCORE: 9.8/10 – Ideal for coffee and beer lovers looking for a unique and fun experience with great staff and atmosphere. Not ideal for those looking for a wide selection of board games.

Option #4. The Local Scoop

Address: 1071 VT-253, Beecher Falls, VT 05902, United States Phone: +1 802-266-1866

Food Quality: Good ice cream
Game Selection: Huge selection of arcade games
Atmosphere: Fun and retro vibe
Customer Service: Friendly and helpful staff

The Beecher Falls, Vermont-based Local Scoop is a board game cafe that offers a range of amenities for its patrons, including in-store shopping, takeout, and delivery options. The cafe also boasts a wheelchair-accessible parking lot, gender-neutral restrooms, and complimentary Wi-Fi. Customers can savor a delectable cup of coffee while indulging in retro 90’s era video games, air hockey, pool tables, and board games. The ice cream selection is also noteworthy, with a vast array of flavors to choose from. Although some customers have remarked that the arcade games can be a tad expensive, the overall experience is well worth it. The Local Scoop is an excellent spot to spend quality time with loved ones or have a fun night out with friends. In terms of board game cafes in Vermont, The Local Scoop distinguishes itself with its exceptional blend of arcade games and ice cream, making it a must-visit destination for anyone in the area.


  • Offers in-store shopping, takeout, and delivery options.
  • Wheelchair-accessible parking lot and gender-neutral restrooms.
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi and a wide selection of retro games, air hockey, pool tables, and board games.
  • Noteworthy ice cream selection with a vast array of flavors.


  • Some customers have remarked that the arcade games can be a tad expensive.

OUR RATING: The Local Scoop

🍴 FOOD QUALITY: 8/10 – Ice cream selection with a vast array of flavors.
🎮 ENTERTAINMENT OPTIONS: 9/10 – Retro arcade games, air hockey, pool tables, and board games available for a fun night out with the kids.
🍦 BEVERAGE QUALITY: 8/10 – Quality coffee, tea, beer, wine, and other drinks available. Delicious ice cream.
🏠 ATMOSPHERE: 9/10 – Friendly and welcoming atmosphere. LGBTQ+ friendly and transgender safe space. Family-friendly. Clean and comfortable seating.
💼 CUSTOMER SERVICE: 9/10 – Friendly and helpful staff. Responsive to customer needs.

💯 OVERALL SCORE: 8.5/10 – Ideal for families and groups looking for a fun night out with retro arcade games and quality ice cream. May not be ideal for those looking for a fine dining experience or a quiet atmosphere.

More About The State

Vermont boasts more than just its world-renowned maple syrup. This charming state is home to breathtaking natural wonders, such as the Green Mountains, Northeast Highlands, and Vermont Piedmont. But that’s not all – Vermont also has a rich historical background, having proclaimed its independence from New York in 1777 and fought for the Union during the Civil War. Tourists can delve into the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park, indulge in scrumptious maple sugar candy and ice cream at the Ben & Jerry’s factory, and even keep a lookout for Champ, the mythical lake creature rumored to inhabit Lake Champlain. With its distinct culture, stunning landscapes, and captivating past, Vermont is a must-see destination for those seeking an unforgettable adventure. So why wait? Come explore all that Vermont has to offer!


📍 – Stowe is a charming town located at the base of Mt. Mansfield that is a must-see for both skiers and non-skiers. Immerse yourself in the history of the town’s early ski industry by visiting the Vermont Ski Museum, or take in the stunning views by renting a bike and riding along the picturesque Stowe Recreation Path. For an even more breathtaking experience, take the gondola up to the summit.

🛍️ – The Church Street Marketplace, situated in the heart of downtown Burlington, is a bustling pedestrian-only area that boasts an array of shops, restaurants, and public artworks. During the summer months, it has the feel of an Italian piazza and is the perfect spot to people-watch and soak up the vibrant street life.

🏰 – Hildene, the former country estate of Robert Todd Lincoln, is a prime example of the luxurious retreats built by wealthy magnates. The elegant mansion is adorned with personal belongings of President Lincoln, including his iconic stovepipe hat, and features a restored formal garden that overlooks the valley.

🏞️ – Smugglers’ Notch, a narrow pass between Mount Mansfield and Spruce Peak, is one of Vermont’s most captivating natural wonders. Once used by smugglers in the 19th century, the road through the pass is so tight and narrow that at some curves, only a single car can pass through the openings between the colossal boulders.

🚴 – The Lake Champlain Waterfront offers eight miles of stunning shoreline views in Burlington, complete with a paved bicycle path that connects several parks along the way. The path also features the ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center, as well as Vermont’s only All-America Display Garden, which showcases a variety of flowering ornamental plants that bloom throughout the summer and fall.


In conclusion, board game cafes in Vermont offer a unique and enjoyable experience for all ages and levels of play. With a vast selection of games to choose from, helpful and knowledgeable staff, and delicious food and drinks, these cafes provide the perfect setting for a fun and memorable outing with friends and family. Whether you’re a casual or hardcore gamer, there’s something for everyone at these locations. To make the most of your visit, be sure to take advantage of the board game rental options and ask the staff for recommendations based on your interests and skill level. So why not gather your friends and head over to one of these cafes for a day of fun and games? Thank you for taking the time to read and we hope to see you soon!

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