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Came looking for a place to play free board games online?

Truly, boredom can be a real bummer. Well, today is your lucky day, mate!

What you've got is an awesome list of FREE classic board games online you can play RIGHT NOW.

Board games have been a great part of everyone’s childhood. These games have given families and friends an opportunity to laugh their heads off around a table while rolling and throwing dice.

With today’s technology, it has been made possible to play board games in a virtual world where physical boundaries don’t matter. You get to play free online board games anytime and anywhere with your device. Plus, you get to play board games online for free with your friends even if they are far away!

Online board games for free are truly fun! Online games have brought gaming to a whole new level with better access and greater freedom to play. What are you waiting for? Jump in and join millions of other people from all over the world!

Read along and play classic board games online free today.

1. Sorry Board Game Online


SaleBestseller No. 1 Sorry! Game

Do you love to play board games that make use of cards and pawns to mix things up in the most exciting way possible? Then Sorry! is just the game for you.

Where to Play?

***Play the Sorry board game online in your browser: Try here or here.


Free or Paid: Free

Sorry is a vibrantly colorful website that offers nothing else in it except the sorry board game online free. Of course, with such a dedicated sorry the board game online website you’d expect it to load fast.

You will not find any advertisements to slow down or disrupt your connection with the server while you play sorry board game online for free.

It has four major buttons that allow you to download the game, play with a computer, play online with other gamers, and speed up or change pin designs.

Once you select to play, you get to choose how many players you want to play with, and how many pins each player will have.

When all of that is settled, you can start to play Sorry board game online free!

Java 2s

Free or Paid: Free

For those of you who love playing games on their own browsers using Java codes, then this site offers you your very own Sorry online board game free experience.

No ads. No registrations. No payments. Just straight gaming in any browser of your choice!

Keep in mind, though, that the website and game can look nothing like Sorry

If you are adept at tinkering with codes, you can customize any area you would want to customize by changing some, and altering others. Perhaps you would want to personalize the game with your own modifications, or customize with the color combinations.

Whichever the case, you get to play Sorry board game online with your own preferences!

How does it work?

The board game has three main areas your pawns will have to journey through: Start, Board, and Home. The objective of the game is to get all your pawns to Home before anyone else does. Whoever reaches the Home base first with all 4 pawns wins.

To start, choose who goes first, and so on till who goes last; the mechanism of choosing who goes when depends on the players. There are 4 sets of colored pawns, allowing a maximum of 4 players to partake in the game.

A turn consists of a player drawing a card from the shuffled deck in the middle of the play area, and following the rule that corresponds to each card number. Of course, these are altered cards made exclusively for Sorry! – it does not have 6’s and 9’s.

Note: The players must move their pieces in a clockwise direction.

One of the things that make this board game so fun to play are the zones!

  • Safe zone – only you can enter you safe zone
  • Slide zone – when your pawn lands on the triangle of a slide zone that does not match your color, you get to slide till the end of the zone! Of course, you get to bump off any who shall block your path.
Let’s take a look at the rules of each card:

1 – Move a pawn out of Start and into Board or move a pawn a pace forward.

2 – Same with 1. Plus, you get to draw a card again.

3-5 and 8– Move the pawn a number of spaces equivalent to the card value

7 – Move pawn 7 spaces forward, or split the 7 to 2 pawns.

10 – Move 10 spaces forward or a space backward

11 – Move a pawn 11 spaces forward or switch your pawn with any of your opponent’s (as long as they are not in the Start, Home, or Safe Zone)

Sorry! – Move a pawn from Start to any space in the board your opponent presently occupies and bump that pawn back to Start! This is only applicable if you have a pawn left in your Start or if there are opponents’ pawns in places other than Start, Home or Safe Zone.

Remember, you can jump over your opponent’s pawns if you have enough moves. Otherwise, you get to bump someone else’s pawn, when yours land on its space, back to its Start!

2. Trouble Board Game Online


Trouble is basically a race to see who makes it to the finish line first. Even the structure of the board game is like an oval race track – by making use of a die. What’s unique about Trouble is you don’t have to manually roll the dice.

Where to Play?

***See Trouble on GOOGLE PLAY: Click Here

Google Play Store

Free or Paid: Free

To play trouble board game online free, you will first have to download the Trouble Google app that allows you to play anytime, anywhere! However, you will need to answer a quick survey first before you get to play the app – which is worth answering because the app is worth playing!

To start, you will have to choose how many computer-generated players get to play with you: one, two, or three. Then, you will have the option to choose what board game color you would want. Click play, then the game will start!

The app may have a very simple layout, but it is quite speedy. The basic advertisements that are confined to a small space on the left-hand corner of the board hardly affect the game at all.

So if you’re looking to play the Trouble board game online, download the app for free!

How does it work?

What you simply have to do is to press the so-called Pop-O-Matic in the center – which is a plastic sphere encasing the die – release it and voila! The die rolled.

To start, the players must choose their colored pegs – one color for each player. Each one gets 4, all of which must get to the finish line for a player to be considered the winner. To figure out who goes first, simply “pop” the dice.

Whoever gets the highest number will get the first turn.

A turn consists of a player popping the dice, and moving the peg clockwise corresponding to the number on the dice. Remember, 6 is a very special number.

Every time you pop a 6, you:

  • Get to have an additional pop and move
  • Get to move a peg from Home to Start
  • Get to choose whether to move a peg that is already out of Home 6 spaces, or to move a new peg out from Home to Start

Since you only get to move a peg from Home to Start with a 6:

  • You cannot begin moving pegs around unless you get a 6.
  • When a peg reaches Finish, you’ll need a 6 to move another peg.
  • You’ll pass every time you’re stuck because you didn’t get a 6.

Here’s where the fun starts... Every time someone else’s piece lands on your piece, it will be sent back home and vice-versa. Have fun popping the die, bumping others back to start, and winning the race with a bit of luck!

3. The Game of Life Board Game Online

True to its namesake, the Game of Life is a reflection of the stages of Life through the confines of a board game with all the colleges, job searches, investments, marriages, and such that you have to deal with!

The game can be played by 2-6 players, where each will have to get the greatest dollar value by getting the most money and life tiles at the end of the game. To prepare, shuffle the life tiles and randomly take out 4 (No peeking!) and put them near Millionaire Estates.

The remaining tiles (draw pile) must be separated into Salary, House, Career, and Stocks, and placed face down. The same thing must be done to Bank Loans, Automobile Insurance Policies, and Homeowner’s Insurance policies.

Choose a player to be the banker – he/she facilitates all the money and gives each player $10,000. Next, each player must choose a car and a peg (to be placed in the driver’s seat). Then spin the wheel and whoever gets the highest number goes first.

During your first turn, you must decide whether you want to take college or have a career.

"Having a Career" would mean that you have to:

  • Pick three random cards from the Career Deck and choose one.
  • Next, do the same thing with the Salary Deck.

"Taking College' would mean you have to:

  • Loan $40,000 from the bank for your tuition
  • Once you land on a “Job Search” space, follow the same steps when having a career.

At the beginning of each turn a player can opt to buy stocks, insurance, or get loans. A turn consists of a player spinning the wheel, moving the number of spaces equivalent to the number on the wheel, and following the instructions on the space where the car lands.

Each color tile you can land on has different meanings:

  • Green tile – Payday
  • Blue tile – follow instructions if you want to
  • Orange tile – you have to follow instructions
  • Red tile – even if you still have moves left, you have to stop on the space. Simply follow the instructions and spin again.

Your destiny at the end of the game relies heavily upon your luck and your decisions. Sounds quite familiar, eh? Try playing the game and have a taste of life!

Where to Play?

***See Game of Life on GOOGLE PLAY: Click Here

***Play the Game of Life board game online in your browser: Try here or here.

Game of Life Online

Free or Paid: Free

“Where can i play life the board game online?”

Well, there is a site called Game of Life Online that answers your question with its very name!

The whole of the website dedicates most of its pages discussing and promoting the game of life online free. The very first page offers readers a tutorial on how to play the game and a list of reasons why it can be a fun experience for you to play the game of life online free.

Right in the middle of the page is a demo game called “The Game of Financial Life” that is very similar to the game of life board game online free complete with spinning wheels and financial stages.

You don’t get to play with anyone else because the demo game simply allows you to understand the concepts of the game so you will be knowledgeable in playing the board game life online.

However, the demo game is quite different from the actual game.

Instead of competing with someone else to see who’ll have the great value, you simply have to win the game by yourself with the objective of raising your savings after each stage by making the right decisions.

Visit the site and have fun playing the demo game of life board game online free! It will be a pleasant experience because there are very few ads to be concerned about. If you like it, then you can download the game to have a better experience with the actual game!

Game House

Free or Paid: Paid

Game House offers games that have impressively modernized graphics to give the player an enjoyably vivid experience. The Game of life the board game online is no exception – its virtual world has a very colorful and comedic feel to it that you will surely have fun navigating every twist and turn!

Once you play life board game online, you will hardly suspect that it is a board game at all because you wouldn’t be moving pegs to and fro a board with life tiles and colored spaces.

Instead, you will be given a lifelike experience as you journey through the virtual, yellow road with cartoons as pieces and floating icons to symbolize colored tiles.

Moreover, you will be given the chance to choose among the different cartoon faces to take the role of your character, of your spouse, and of your children.

The game will allow you to play two modes: Enhanced Play and Classic. You get to play with up to 5 computer-generated players. Of course, playing with downloaded computer software will set you free from advertisements.

You will be given 60 minutes for a trial run to play life board game online free – after which you will have to pay $9.99 per month in order to become a member.

Once you do, you’ll have free, unlimited access with all the games in the site. Every dollar is worth the Game House experience!

4. Clue Board Game Online (Cluedo)


SaleBestseller No. 1 Clue Game
Clue Game

Clue is a board game that borders on the darker side of humanity. But if you love to find lots and lots of clues in criminal cases, then jump in and play!

There are three objectives in the game:

  • Find out who did it
  • Discover the murder weapon
  • Figure out where the murder took place

The player who gets all the answers wins the game. It’s the original whodunit.

To prepare, first separate the cards by type, shuffle, and then place them face down. Randomly pick a card from the suspect pile, from the room pile, and from the weapon pile. Place all three into the secret envelope.

Afterwards, mix all the cards together and shuffle them. Deal all cards clockwise. Then place the murder weapons in the rooms and the suspect tokens on the allocated starting squares. Lastly, each player takes the suspect token closest to him/her and grabs the pencil and a detective’s notes sheet.

Ready your gloves and magnifying lenses, and let the game begin!

Whoever got Miss Scarlett’s token will have the first turn, and the succeeding turns will continue clockwise. On each turn you may roll the die, move the corresponding number of spaces either horizontally or vertically (only), or take a secret passage to enter a room.

You have to keep in mind that:

  • Once you enter a room, your movement ends
  • Two players can’t be in a yellow space at the same time
  • Multiple players can be in the same room
  • Only one suggestion per room

You get to make a guess every time you end a movement in a room. Everyone else take turns disproving your guess by showing a card in their hand that you mentioned. Then, you can cross out possibilities.

If you think you got the answers, make an accusation. Once you do, you get to take a peek at the secret envelope. If you got everything right, congratulations you win! If you didn’t, you are eliminated.

Guess or Accuse? Have fun investigating!

Where to Play?

***See on Clue on GOOGLE PLAY: Click Here

***Play the Clue board game online in your browser: Try here or here.

Cluedo Fan

Free or Paid: Free

Clue seems to be a hard game to replicate online, because there does not seem to be any online games available to play clue board game online.

But hope is not lost! Because there is an entire webpage that is dedicated to classic clue board game online and to Clue fans…and there is a secret link.

In this page, you will see many, recent updates about the said board game. More importantly, you will see links to sites that sell the actual Clue Board Games.

But most importantly, there is a game that allows you to play clue board game online free in its most stripped-down version called The Online Deduction Game.

In this game, there are three categories: Suspect, Weapon, and Room. There are a number of items under each category, which you can select one at a time to guess who the suspect is, what the weapon is, and where the crime happened.

After making your guess, you can click the “Suggest” button below. A digit will be revealed, which signifies the number of guesses you got right. However, you will not know what exact item you got correctly!

You can continue guessing until you get it right, or you can click the “Solution” button to see the answers. Otherwise, if you just want to have a new game you can click the “New Game” button.

To get to experience what it’s like to play cluedo online board game, follow the link and have fun finding out the culprit!

5. Monopoly Online


In business terms, monopoly means having the exclusive control of the supply and/or trade in a particular commodity or service. In the game, monopoly involves players buying and investing till a player manages to own the most, if not all, of the properties.

In simpler terms, to win in Monopoly means that you have to monopolize!

Ready for a game of luck and strategy? Here goes!

Choose a banker to handle the giving out and receiving of money, houses, hotels, and the community, chance, and title deed cards. If the banker is a player at the same time, then the bank must be separate from his/her personal finances.

To start, each player gets a token and money worth $1500 that are divided as

  • 2 - $500’s, $100’s, and $50’s
  • 5 - $ 10’s , $5’s and, $1’s
  • 6 - $20’s

Roll the dice to determine who goes first (whoever got the highest) and the play moves clockwise from there. All tokens are placed in the GO. Then each player rolls two dice and move the number of spaces corresponding to the total number on the dice.

You can buy a property every time you land on one. If you refuse, it goes to auction and the bank gives the title deed to the highest bidder. Every time you land on someone else’s property, you will have to pay rent.

You get a monopoly every time you own all the properties of a colored group. Once you do, you can proceed to buying houses evenly on your properties – meaning you cannot buy a second house unless you built houses on all the properties in that group.

Moreover, you can buy a hotel once you’ve built 4 houses on a property. This means that the more houses and hotels you own, the more expensive your rent becomes. Every time a player lands on your space and he/she can’t afford paying your rent with money, they will have to sell property.

When a player still can’t pay after selling everything, he/she goes bankrupt and loses the game. The last player standing wins.

Where to Play?

***See Monopoly on GOOGLE PLAY: Click Here

***Play Monopoly board game online in your browser: Try here or here.


Free or Paid: Free

Pogo is a website that offers a lot of puzzle games, card games, board games, and such, for free. There are three different Monopoly editions you can play in this site: Classic Monopoly, Monopoly Slots, and Monopoly world edition.

You get to play Monopoly board game online with computer-generated players for free. Although you have to endure with a number of ads along the way, the server loads fast.

You’ll encounter ads when you load the game, and you’ll constantly have to experience ads in the middle of the game every 3-5 minutes. It will take 20 seconds before you can continue playing.

You can also play with other people online, but only after you register for free.

Better yet, if you wish to play Monopoly without distractions from advertisements, you can opt to play the actual board game itself! Don’t have it yet? Worry not, because you can buy monopoly board game online here. 

6. Dungeons and Dragons Board Game Online

Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) is a very fun and complex game to play! To start with, D&D is basically an adventure story where all players get to take part by becoming the characters themselves.

It is because of D&D having the concept of an ever-progressing story that players are hooked into playing the game like helpless prey caught off-guard by the squids’ tentacles, because no one knows how the story will end. Heck, no one even knows how the story will continue!

The one who acts as the storyteller is the Dungeon Master (DM), and whoever holds the said title will have to be very familiar with the twists and turns of the game – which in this case is written in three separate handbooks.

Hey! Don’t go screaming your head off yet. You can always stick to pro players until you eventually get the hang of it – and by the time you do you wouldn’t even think of running off.

Going back, these three handbooks – Player’s Handbook, Monster Manual, and Dungeon Master’s guide – contain everything from character creation to rules and regulations. Being judged as experts of these the DM has the responsibility to:

  • Tell the story
  • Settle disputes among players
  • Present challenges to keep the story going
  • Make sure no one breaks the rules
  • Facilitate the entire narrative

Luckily, newbies are least likely to be Dungeon Masters so you will more likely be a player character (PC). As a PC, you will have your own unique attributes and characteristics – long-range attack, extra power boosts, far-reaching vision – that will help you decide what to do as you move along the campaign.

Basically, everything about your character is determined by rolling dice – wherein each number has its corresponding characteristic.

As the game progresses, you evolve to grow and become stronger as you earn experience points. These points are given by the DM based on how well you contribute to the storyline. As you level up, you can change your basic characteristics by earning better stats and stronger skills.

To wrap it all up, this is a very social game that involves an engaging story where everybody takes part in creating!

Where to Play?

***See Dungeons and Dragons Apps on GOOGLE PLAY: Click Here

***Play Dungeons and Dragons online: Try here or here.

The Tangled Web

Free or Paid: Free

Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) is a very interactive game. It is hardly surprising that this site caters to a type of gaming experience that will require you to join the community and make friends in order to play dungeons and dragons tabletop online with fellow gamers.

Therefore, you will have to join a forum in order to play by post – a way to play D&D by making use of forum messaging that has two major integrated functions: character sheet storage and forum die roller.

The website has minimal advertisements, which makes the online interface remarkably speedy. Of course, you will have to mind your internet connection in order to cater to the loads of messages and reactions a forum based game often has.

Moreover, the website is very friendly to beginners who have yet to understand how the site works. At the very front page of the website, you’ll see posts that answers most of the FAQ’s of newbies.

Plus, they tell you where to go exploring if you want to know what’s going on.

The first thing you have to do when you enter the site is to look for forums that are hosting D&D games. After you click the main heading, you will be led to many more sub-forums that contain different D&D campaigns.

You can join whichever campaign interests you. But the very first step you need to do is make friends. Visit the site and forge alliances with fellow gamers!

Roll 20

Free or Paid: Free

Tabletop games are undeniably fun! So much that gamers went and took the effort to make tabletop games a virtual reality! Roll 20 is one such place; it has a virtual tabletop where you can play dungeons and dragons online board game and have as much fun as you normally do in the physical world.

Roll 20 is a website that mainly caters to Role Playing Games (RPG’s) such as Dungeons and Dragons by making use of a software called Virtual Tabletop.

Virtual Tabletop is where you use of a wide-array of tools that will allow you to play practically any tabletop game – such as drawing tools, art library, measurement, communication, and such.

If you are logged in as the Game Master, the virtual tabletop will allow you to have complete control over the application. Plus, you get to see absolutely everything that’s happening! But the best part is, your players can see and control only what you allow to show them.

Talk about being a real game master!

What makes the Roll 20 have such an amazing virtual tabletop application is the fact that it is updated in real time. Therefore, there is no such things as “Play” or “Edit” mode because objects and settings are adjusted as the changes are made.

Of course, tabletop games wouldn’t be tabletop games without friends to play with! And Roll 20 has just the right solution for that. One of the tools you can use is the Communication tool where you can ping any location on the map by holding down left click on the Virtual tabletop.

Once you do, colored dots will immediately appear, with each color corresponding to a specific player, marking everyone’s whereabouts. Plus, you get to text chat with other players – giving the experience lots of fun interactions!

You will encounter very little advertisements while you navigate the webpages on the site. However, once you enter the virtual tabletop you will encounter no such distractions. Hurry and invite your friends over for a D&D session!


Free or Paid: Paid

Fantasy Grounds is definitely one of the coolest ways to play dungeons and dragons board game online! Fantasy grounds is a pen and paper style Steam application that allows you to create and play your very own RPG games.

What makes Fantasy Grounds a very hyped-up Dungeons and Dragons topic is because of the fact that you can download Adventure modules that will let you play a virtual tabletop containing such outstanding graphics with the least preparation!

Of course, as is often the case with Dungeons and Dragons (D&D), there are no computer-generated players to play with you. Only fellow games you can interact with even if they happened to be on the other side of the planet!

Fantasy Grounds already has some pre-loaded rule sets and additional rulesets you can download for free. These are for D&D versions that has the basic library modules containing abilities, monsters, spells, and such.

But if you want more updated and advanced modules for more hardcore gaming, there are packages that contain more rulesets for different campaigns available for purchase.

Are you thrilled for a whole new experience of Dungeons and Dragons? With this application, you don’t have to put up with disruptive advertisements and extensive preparations! Try out Fantasy Grounds on Steam now!

Be the last player standing!

Get your board game fix on your tablet, phone or laptop

To play online board games with friends who are far away can be a most fulfilling experience. Even just to play a board game online by yourself can be an enjoyable way to pass the time.

However, to play board games online free can sometimes be a tiresome experience with all the advertisements you will have to endure.

But a few minutes of waiting can be worth the fun when you play multiplayer board games online, either with friends or computer-generated players, especially when you’re alone.

If you plan on playing all these games wherever you go, though, you’re going to need these, here are some things you need to remember:

  • You may not have the same player profile on your laptop as your mobile device.
  • Learn how to use the profiles and account settings for playing these games. These may be the only way to save your progress or number of wins.
  • Be prepared to lose data when something goes wrong.
  • Be nice. Not everyone you find online has learned the game well enough or is as good as you.
  • Be helpful. You can only improve the actual player base if you help newbies instead of bullying them.
  • Invite your friends to play online. You may want to play more with people you know.
  • Learn some Java while you’re at it so you can tweak some of the special settings on some websites.

Either way, there are quite a number of solutions you can use to play board games online with friends (or without friends), without having to endure so many ads. You can opt to download the software, or you can choose to pay for a membership.

After all, there are so many board games you can play online and paying a few dollars to get free access to thousands of board games to play online is truly worth the pay!

Better yet, if you want to play board games online multiplayer without having to pay every month, there are certain board games online to play that allow you to pay only for that specific game.

Or, if you and your friends really want to play board games with friends online, you could all chip in so all of you can have access to board games online with friends!

If you come to think of it, paying for online games is the same with spending for actual board games, except with a few differences with pros and cons.

But at the end of the day, spending for a good game will definitely be worth every penny!

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