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Zombicide Base Game
643 Reviews
Zombicide Base Game
  • Cool Corpses - Zombicide comes loaded with incredible miniatures. The six Survivors are represented by highly...
  • Challenging Scenarios - Players will face off against ten different, tricky scenarios, and will have to work...
  • Limitless Potential - With modular map tiles and all the zombies they’ll ever need, players will be able to...

Miniatures Board Game #1: Dungeons & Dragons: Temple of Elemental Evil

Dungeons and Dragons: Temple of Elemental Evil Game

Dungeons & Dragons: Temple of Elemental Evil  is a simplified version of Dungeons & Dragons that plays like a board game. It plays cooperatively, and players choose from predetermined characters to work their way through the campaigns and reach their goal together.


  • There are several different quests and campaigns included in this game with miniatures.
  • The game is a great way to learn how to play Dungeons & Dragons for beginners to the franchise.


  • The included miniatures are lower-quality than some of the others on our list.
  • This game with miniatures doesn’t include much strategizing and may be boring to fans of tabletop RPGs.

Miniatures Board Game #2: Mage Knight

Mage Knight Board Game

Mage Knight  is a good tabletop RPG choice for those who are also interested in deck building. With several elements combined into one, this fantasy-themed game is sure to please everyone in your party. This game with miniatures includes 8 miniatures as well as several other quality pieces used in the gameplay.


  • Many customers appreciate the differences between this game and other similar options out there.
  • This game with miniatures can be played solo and some feel it is best enjoyed this way.


  • This game with miniatures is tedious and very long, and some players may get bored.
  • There is some randomness in this game, which can be frustrating to some.

Miniatures Board Game #3: Zombicide

Zombicide Base Game

Zombicide  encourages players to work together to get out of one of several scenarios included in the box. Each one is a little different and will require different planning and strategizing to succeed. Players take on the role of a zombie survivor and have to battle against the zombies to make it through to the end.


  • This game with miniatures includes a beginner 20-minute option and an expert three-hour option.
  • This is a tiling game, so the experience changes each time.


  • There is a lot of luck and dice involved in this game with miniatures.
  • The miniatures may not look as nice as they do in other games.

Miniatures Board Game #4: Descent: Journeys in the Dark

Descent: Journeys in the Dark 2nd Edition

In Descent: Journeys in the Dark , one player plays the villain while the others team up to play the heroes in a fantasy setting. The villain player must try to complete their scheme while the heroes attempt to stop them by going on an adventure together.


  • This is an extremely popular game that has recently been updated.
  • Two players can play this game with miniatures together.


  • It takes a long time to set up this game with miniatures.
  • The game relies too much on luck for some players and takes away the strategizing that was present in the first edition.

Miniatures Board Game #5: Star Wars: Imperial Assault

Star Wars Imperial Assault Board Game Core Set | Strategy Game | Adventure Game | Battle Game for Adults and Teens | Ages 14+ | 1-5 Players | Avg. Playtime 1-2 Hours | Made by Fantasy Flight Games

For fans of the Star Wars franchise, Star Wars: Imperial Assault  is a great way to enjoy either a full-fledged war board game or a smaller skirmish game instead. Both are included in the box, and both utilize miniatures featuring favorite characters and species from the Star Wars universe.


  • This game with miniatures is ideal for smaller groups and can be enjoyed by kids as well as adults.
  • The game takes a couple of hours to finish, so it’s perfect for longer game nights.


  • The miniatures are lower quality and may arrive broken.
  • This game with miniatures can get boring to some.

Miniatures Board Game #6: Operation: Ice Storm

Infinity Operation: Icestorm - PanOceania vs Nomads 2 Player Starter Set

If you’re interested in playing Infinity but aren’t quite ready to dive into the main game, you might want to try Operation: Ice Storm . This expansion can be played on its own or can be added into the gameplay of the main game, depending on your preferences. The game comes with miniatures to represent two opposing groups involved in the story line.


  • The miniatures are made of pewter and are extremely high-quality items.
  • This game with miniatures is a great way to get the feeling of an Infinity game for newcomers.


  • The miniatures must be assembled using superglue.
  • This game with miniatures may arrive missing some pieces, and it is easy to lose pieces of the miniatures as well.

Miniatures Board Game #7: Blood Rage

Blood Rage

Blood Rage  plays a bit differently than some others on our list by starting players all with the same abilities and skills. From there, clans are forged along different paths and some players may prioritize one skill over another. This way, everyone’s experience is customized to their liking and no two games are the same.


  • The miniatures are extremely detailed and well-made with this game.
  • This game with miniatures is great for two players or for large groups as well.


  • The gameplay is simplified, which can be a downside to fans of hardcore tabletop RPGs.
  • The turns may take a long time depending on the players.

Miniatures Board Game #8: Dark Souls: The Board Game

Dark Souls: The Board Game (SFGD001)

Dark Souls: The Board Game  is a tabletop roleplaying game based on the Dark Souls video game. It comes with 27 miniatures as well as several other items that make it easier to play and visualize this game with miniatures. The miniatures are all detailed and scaled appropriately for the characters and creatures represented.


  • Fans of the Dark Souls video game find this game with miniatures captures the mood of the video game perfectly.
  • There are expansions available for additional purchase to include even more quests and experiences.


  • The miniatures are made of plastic as opposed to anything higher quality.
  • Just like the video game, this game with miniatures is extremely difficult.

Miniatures Board Game #9: HeroQuest Game System

HeroQuest Game System

The HeroQuest Game System  is difficult to find and is no longer in print. This popular tabletop roleplaying game set includes options for 14 different paths and stories players can enjoy each time they play.


  • This set includes the miniatures required for gameplay.
  • This game with miniatures is good for kids as young as 10.


  • This game with miniatures doesn’t come with all of the pieces needed.
  • This is a very expensive game set.

Try the Best Tabletop Miniature Board Games Today

Did you find a game with miniatures you want to try? There are plenty of quality games on the market that utilize miniatures as part of the gameplay process, so pick your favorite and get ready for an adventure!

Here are some of the reasons these games may be more fun than traditional games:

  • They’re longer and more complex.
  • They make it easier to visualize the action.
  • Miniatures can help personalize the experience.

And here are a few downsides:

  • There are more pieces to buy and lose.
  • These games can be too complicated for some players.
  • The games may have darker or more violent themes than some others.

Try out a game with miniatures and see for yourself just how differently they play!

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