Board Games For Teens


There are a plethora of board and card games to choose from, but finding the ideal one for everyone may be difficult. We’ve uncovered several selections that the whole family will like, from old family favorites to ones that are filled with adventure. So, please read on to find our list of the greatest teenager board games that also make fantastic family party favors.

Why Let Teens Play Board Games?

There are many reasons to let teens play board games. For one, it can be a great bonding experience. It also gives them a chance to think strategically and have fun at the same time. Board games can be a hilarious way to pass the time, and the perfect family board game can be a great way to get everyone together for some quality time. Some of the most popular board games for teens include Monopoly, Scrabble, and Risk. Playing Monopoly is a way teens can enjoy and learn all about strategy and trying to make the most money. There is definitely a lot of value playing these classic games but not all teens might find them fun. There are many other excellent options out there, so don’t limit yourself to just these three. Ultimately, the best board game for teens is one that they’ll enjoy playing, so let them choose what sounds like the most fun to them. Some of the best board games for teens include Exploding Kittens, Catan, and Escape Room. With an expansion pack, these games can be even more fun. Throw Throw Burrito is another great game that teens will enjoy. Cards Against Humanity is another fun game that teens can play. In this game, players take turns drawing cards and trying to come up with the funniest answer to the question on the card.

What Makes a Good Board Game for Teenagers

What makes a great board game for teenagers? First, it should be entertaining and challenging. A party game or a strategy game can be a good choice, especially if you’re looking for family fun that will get your teens and young adults interested in family time again. The best combination of the best strategy and fun for all ages will keep teens laughing and asking for more. Try some of your favorite games that take 10-15 minutes to play to keep your young teens engaged. Second, the game should be appropriate for the age group. A raunchy, hilarious game might not be suitable for younger tweens and teens. It might be tempting to choose a funny “party game for horrible people” if you are going to play with a group of older kids but remember that some of the best board and card games for teens and college kids are sometimes worlds away from wholesome fun for the whole family. Third, the game should be easy to learn and play. Otherwise, it will quickly become boring. Teens and tweens may indeed play classic board games but extremely popular games teens enjoy are some times a bit out of the box! And more modern options (like the Exploding Kitten card game for instance) is a much more fun game to play, for both teens and adults, as compared to a classic board games that you might need to play for hours.

How to Make Board Games a Part of Your Tween’s Lesson Plans

There’s no need to banish board games to the game closet–they can be a valuable learning tool for tweens. When used as part of lesson plans, board games can help students learn everything from reading comprehension and math skills to cooperation and good sportsmanship. To make board games a part of your tween’s lesson plans, start by finding games that are appropriate for their age group and that align with the subject matter you’re teaching. For example, the card game Exploding Kittens is perfect for kids who are learning about probability, while other options can be used to teach vocabulary and reading comprehension. Once you’ve found the right game, explain the rules and let your tween play a few rounds. As they play, encourage them to think about what they’re doing and why they’re doing it. For example, if they’re playing a math-based game, have them keep track of their score and explain how they arrived at their final number. Finally, don’t forget to debrief after the game. This is an important step in helping your tween understand what they’ve learned. Ask them questions about the game they just played, such as what strategies they used and what they would do differently next time.

Option #1: Smart Ass

Smart Ass The Ultimate Party Game from University Games, for Families and Adults Ages 12 and Up and 2 to 6 Players, The Perfect Tabletop Trivia Game for People Who Hate Waiting Their Turn

Smart Ass is a game designed for ages 12 and up , so preteens and teens alike will have fun with this one. This offer encourages players to yell out the answer before anyone else can when reading a question off of a card. The player who knows more answers is sure to be the winner. This game is great for two to six players and is ideal for party situations where players can get loud. It also includes hundreds of question cards so it won’t get boring too fast. With that stated, adults may find this game a little too boring. Additionally, the questions may be too hard for kids.


Option #2: Taboo

Taboo Board Game

For a great classic game adults and teens will enjoy together, try Taboo . This game is all about getting the other people on your team to guess a word without saying any of the words on the clue card. If you accidentally say one of the words, the opposite team gets to honk a noisy buzzer and steal the turn. This party game is best for large groups with teams. This game includes over a thousand words to guess. It’s also very simple to play. On the other hand, the buzzer may be a bit weak for some tastes.


Option #3: Game for Fame


Game for Fame  involves splitting into teams and drawing a challenge card for each team to complete, usually within a one-minute timer. The challenges are usually silly and may take a little strategy and planning to achieve, which is difficult with just a minute to spare. This game is fun for younger kids in the family too, as long as they can read and follow the directions on the cards. It’s a noisy and busy party game that’s great for teen friends. On the contrary, this game may be a little too hard for some kids and many of the challenges are not appropriate for younger kids in terms of content.


Option #4: Phone Phever

Phone Phever Board Game - New Fun Fast-Paced Family-Friendly Party Board Game - It's a Phonetastic Race to Answer Fascinating Trivia Questions & Complete Hilarious Challenges!

Phone Phever is designed for teens from 13 and up  and can be played with three or more players, so it doesn’t require a big group like some of the other games on this list. The game is played along with a smartphone but doesn’t require an app, so you can use it with any smartphone or smart device. This game includes a lot of question cards to keep it fresh. It’s a fast-paced game that’s fun at parties but easy enough to play on game night too. On the bad side, some parents may be concerned about the content of some of the questions.


Option #5: Tiki Topple

Gamewright Tiki Topple - The Tactical Board Game of Totem Domination Board Game Multi-colored, 5'

Tiki Topple  is a good game for slightly younger teens or for a group family game night. This offer doesn’t take long to set up and one round can be completed in about 20-30 minutes. This game is great for two to four players, so it doesn’t require a huge group. This game doesn’t take very long to learn. With that stated, it also may be too easy for older teens.


Option #6: Quelf

Quelf Board Game

Quelf is a game that plays a bit like truth or dare  and can be played with three to eight players or with teams. This game specifies that it’s for adults, so it’s better for older teens or those who are a little more mature in terms of content. This game is easy to learn how to play and is a hit at parties. It also can be enjoyed by preteens as well with a little monitoring from parents for card content. On the bad side though, this game may be a little boring for some adults.


Option #7: Last Night on Earth

Flying Frog Productions Last Night On Earth - The Zombie Game

Last Night on Earth  is a zombie-themed board game that’s designed for two to six players and can be enjoyed by ages 12 and up. Since the content of the game is a little on the scary side, parents may want to ensure their kids are capable of handling it before buying this game. This game includes five different scenarios, and expansions packs are also available for purchase. It also comes with unique game pieces. Having said that, the game may be too easy for those on the “hero” side, since the “zombie” side is underpowered. The rules are also very complicated.


Screen-Free Games Your Teens Will Want To Play

As you can see, there are a lot of board games out there designed to cater to teens. Some of these games may rely more on crass humor than others, so it might be a good idea to consider the game yourself before you buy it for your teenager. However, with a little planning and foresight, you should be able to find a game that works well for your family regardless of your teenager’s style, preferences, and sense of humor.

But are these good bonding activities for families as well as groups of teen friends? Or are they really just fun for the teens themselves? Many of these games are challenging enough to teens that they will want to try to win again and again. These games are also fun enough for adults to get in on playing, too. If you’re looking for a product that can help encourage you and your teenager to share a family game night together, any of the games listed above are a great place to start. Keep in mind, however, that if you have younger kids joining in, you may need to tweak the rules for the little ones to be able to have fun too.

It may take a little time to find the right board game for your teenager. Letting your teen be involved in choosing is a good way to make sure you’re getting something that won’t just sit on a shelf collecting dust. However, if you’re trying to choose for a gift-giving holiday, pick something you know will challenge and inspire without coming across as too cheesy or educational. This way, your teen will be more likely to want to play over and over again.

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